Finding Artists in the Most Unusual Places

I find artists in the most unusual places.

Some, I admit, are just my favorites. The classics. Degas. Cartier. M.C. Escher.

Others I have found watching TV and movies. Pollock. Paris at Night. Ron Ben-Israel. Face Off.

Some are from blogs I follow. Carsten Wieland. Rita Faes. Craig Haupt. Dawn Whitehand.

Some I have found in other’s blogs. Mézesmanna — Judit Czinkné Poór. Svetlana Bobrova. Tal Peleg.

Some have been recommended to me. Wolf Kahn. Dale Chihuly. Luke Jerram. Georgia O’ Keeffe.

Some I’ve found at local art fairs.  Don Esser  Natalya Sots. John Lemke.

And some I go searching for. Mirrors. Stilettos. Hair. Ice Sculptures. Aquariums. Water Drops.

But every unique art or artist I come across are amazing in their own way.

Some are famous; some are local. Some are friends. But they all have broken through the barriers of fear and competition and put their work, their soul, out there.

Note I said “broken through” … not “conquered.”

I don’t think any artist totally gets passed their fear of rejection. No one will like my writing. My quilt. My painting.

Yes, they follow their muse, their inspiration, their dreams. They are the best they can be. Yet they are always wondering. Questioning. Checking and double checking. Improving what, to our average eye, does not need improvement.

Let their inspiration be your inspiration. Let whatever creative outlet you have set you free. Go for it. Let it go.

Know you won’t fly away to another universe, for we are all tethered to Mother Earth in the most affectionate of ways.

Yet She never prevents us from flying high.

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