Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Beccy Ridsdel

With layers of porcelain surgically peeled back like skin, UK artist Beccy Ridsdel reveals the colorful internal workings of ceramic dishes.

The artist refers to the pieces as “dissections in progress” and displayed earlier iterations alongside actual surgical implements to further heighten their anatomical nature.

Ridsdel’s art suggests each porcelain cup or plate has an internal biology of floral decorations that can be explored by removing bits of exterior.

This work forms part of an exploration of the differences between art and craft, and ceramics’ relationship to them.

She is trying to demonstrate to the world that behind every white façade is hidden a flowery reality, an eternal spring that is ready to impress us with its colors. 

 Explaining her thought process, Ridsdel said: “These installations take the form of an observation of a surgical experiment in progress. The ‘surgeon’ is dissecting the craft object to see what is within.”

   More of Becky Ridsdel‘s work can be found at

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