Sunday Evening Art Gallery on Monday — Mosaic Art Buildings

For one moment, look at the tiles.

The Dome of the Century


Forget religion, forget context


Just look at the intricate work

Blue Mosque Ceiling

These are examples of Mosaic Tile Art

Moroccan Art


It could be Islamic Art, Arabian Art, Persian Art, Moroccan Art

Golden Mosaics in the Dome of the Great Mosque


But it is all intricately beautiful

Dome of the Rock


All made of pieces of glass fitted together

I just thought you would like to see the beauty of man

in mosaic tile form.


14 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery on Monday — Mosaic Art Buildings

  1. Oh thank you! I love mosaic art too! This was only one tiny section of the wide myriad of styles and origins of this marvelous art that I found. I thought I would concentrate on the exterior (mostly) of buildings. But I did think of individual tiles, wall hangings, doorways…the list goes on. Keep on sharing your appreciations and I will keep my eyes open too!

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  2. Blue is my absolute favorite colour, all the shades of blue, from the palest to the darkest. And I just need a lot of blue in my life as I notice it makes me feel happier when I look at it and when I work with it. So your blue pictures make me happy, let them comming !!:D


  3. Thank you. The work is just amazing. These were just buildings…imagine all the artwork on a smaller scale in buildings all around them! Such work.

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  4. Thank you Claudia, these tile mosaics are truly beautiful and intricate.
    I’ve just sent you an email, maybe you might be interested…


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