Babble by You

giphyI’ve been writing a lot of posts lately that I haven’t posted. I wonder what’s up with that.

Do you just think and write and post all in one grand, sweeping motion? Or do you think and research and write and rewrite and let it sit for a day or two before pushing that little blue button?

I used to be of the first variety. I thought my experiences as a middle-aged woman might be humorous and of help to those going through, well, middle age, and that I had to post right as I thought. But lately my experiences are more like complaints that have no beginning and no end, and I have a lot of second thoughts. And third ones too.

I just looked last night and found I have about a dozen blogs in various stages of creation. And looking back at them I think…how boring. Been there, done that.

Maybe that’s why art has such a fascination for me now. A world I’ve barely explored until recently.

I”m finding that true with blogs I follow these days, too.  I’m not worldly wise, but most blogs I come across have aspirations that have already come and gone in my life. Goals I’ve already set and either met or missed. Some blogs I’ve come across are more like journals, recording random thoughts and suppositions as the writer comes to grip with some cosmic searching. I did that 20 years ago with my own journaling.

So why am I so dissatisfied with my personal quips in here these days? Am I just getting old? Have I heard it all, seen it all?

On the cosmic scale I’m still a toddler. There’s so much I don’t understand. So much to learn. To explore. But on the emotional level I’m a crone. Felt that, broke that, lived through that. And I find no need to re-experience it all. I need new worlds to write about. Read about. Both inner and outer spaces.

Plus I don’t think I’m as witty as I once thought. As fluent of a writer as I once was. I still write like mad at home, but those are fantasy stories that don’t mind a bit of embellishment. In this blog I find I’m more truthful, and the truth is often boring.

That’s why I love following you. Exploring new blogs and commenting on as many as time allows. I think I need to read about places, both inner and outer, I’ve never been before. I’m going to visit those who have just started following me and those who have been around for years. See what you’re all about.

And anyway….I’d rather babble by you than by me….

12 thoughts on “Babble by You

  1. As long as you keep babbling, all is well, Claudia. Do whatever makes you happy. The writing about your personal experiences will come back, and go, and come back again. I have experienced the same thing, and my love lies in the combination of photos and short texts at the moment. Plus I’m working on a different project. Exciting! * happy dance *
    Hugs, have a great artful weekend, dear. X


      1. I finally started writing my book in earnest. Took a week off and spent it in a lovely little cottage, staring a the neighbor’s horses and setting my wobbly outline straight. New ideas, writing, that kind of thing.
        Now to keep that up and make time in my busy schedule, apart from my fulltime job. Any ideas or suggestions how to fit writing time in? 🤔😀


        1. Oh girl…thats what I would love to do….a whole week away to do nothing but write! I still struggle to get stretches of time. Getting out of your house so you are not haunted by dirty dishes or laundry to do is the best way to escape?

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          1. Yes, I think it is. I was in a sort of bubble of creativity. Not the first two days though, those I needed to get away from the ‘have to’s’. But after that… Perhaps you can try it too, Claudia?


        2. Oh girl…thats what I would love to do….a whole week away to do nothing but write! I still struggle to get stretches of time. Getting out of your house so you are not haunted by dirty dishes or laundry to do is the best way to get into your passion. Or time alone. Let me know how thing go. Or blog about your progress!

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  2. You are too hard on yourself, just do as you please, I think your readerslove to hear from you, so do I. I love that typing dog by the way 😀


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