Just Go Dancing

Jeffrey Vanhoutte

Saturday evening was going to be the time.

I hadn’t written, edited, daydreamed for a couple of days. So once hubby was off to his every- other- Saturday evening job, that was going to be the time.

Had it all planned. Wine. Music. Outline. Images. First a walk. Maybe a bubblebath.

Then I would go dancing with my writing.

Yet there I was Friday night. College basketball in the background. A half drank glass of milk. Dinner dishes still in the sink. In my jammies.  No bubble bath. Didn’t even wash my face.

And I was dancing with my writing.

I love when creativity comes knocking. I don’t bother — I just go dancing.




9 thoughts on “Just Go Dancing

    1. You make me feel so good…just like writing does. It’s funny…I just came across a poem I wrote a while back called “Frustration Blues.” It was about the struggle to find something to write about. So I am living proof…don’t give up…


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