Just Go Dancing

Jeffrey Vanhoutte

Saturday evening was going to be the time.

I hadn’t written, edited, daydreamed for a couple of days. So once hubby was off to his every- other- Saturday evening job, that was going to be the time.

Had it all planned. Wine. Music. Outline. Images. First a walk. Maybe a bubblebath.

Then I would go dancing with my writing.

Yet there I was Friday night. College basketball in the background. A half drank glass of milk. Dinner dishes still in the sink. In my jammies.  No bubble bath. Didn’t even wash my face.

And I was dancing with my writing.

I love when creativity comes knocking. I don’t bother — I just go dancing.




9 thoughts on “Just Go Dancing

  1. You make me feel so good…just like writing does. It’s funny…I just came across a poem I wrote a while back called “Frustration Blues.” It was about the struggle to find something to write about. So I am living proof…don’t give up…


  2. And that’s the only way to dance, Claudia. Just droping everything one’s doing and simply sitting down to write. I’m so happy you got to do what you love so much. *hugs*


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