Creativity Unleashed

Often times, when I feel like actually writing my post, it comes off as a rant or a dejected viewpoint of myself or the world around me. As I age, be it not as gracefully as I’d like, I have learned not to hit “post” right away. As emotional as I may get at that moment, I’m trying to remember that was, indeed, only a moment.

And readers might not be interested in that “moment.”

I try not to blabber on the positive moments either, for one’s lemonade is surely someone else’s lemon. Even if there’s a little sugar sprinkled on top.

But when it comes to encouraging creativity I have a hard time not pushing the “publish” button. For I am living proof that if you want something bad enough, practice something long enough, good things, good emotions, happen.

I’ve been writing for most of my life, more actively the last 20 years. I’m not published, but that hasn’t stopped me from creating new worlds and poetry and an occasional novella. To me it’s therapy; the more it evolves, the more it’s like homework.

To do a really good job at writing something new you have to do your homework. You have to do research and maybe do an outline and dig into your characters. You have to give them a background and scars and highlights, even if those points will never see the light of day.

You have to see what makes them tick so they can tick around others.

I have written two novels about a middle-aged woman who time travels through time. Kinda like Outlander but not really. It is 3rd person, she did this she thought that, she wondered such and such. They were pretty straight forward, discovering those worlds from a modern point of view.

Now I’m attempting something new for me. I’m trying the third book in literary style. I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that it’s not easy for me to analyze feelings and write them; to dig into psychological conditioning and more “now” moments than generalizations to move the plot along.

Well,  the last couple of times I sat down to share the man’s version of the story, it was almost like I was channeling him. Very weird, very out-of-body.

I’ve heard other writers say their story took a life of its own, that their characters went somewhere the writer wasn’t expecting. I haven’t been moved quite like that, but the literary style, the long wrapped-around images and sentences, seemed to flow easily through me.

To say I was shocked is an understatement.

I found … still find …. myself saying, did I write that? Did I really write that?

We all have that ability to try something new. To experiment with what we know. To try…and sometimes fail…at a new color or point of view or emotion. We always downplay our potential, saying “I can’t do that” or “that’s not me.”

The point of this quicky blog is to tell you that all of that is you. We are all and we are everything. It’s just that life and time and others push down those parts of you that aren’t as popular or talented, pigeonholing you into who you are today.

You want to paint people instead of landscapes? Crochet a jacket instead of a scarf? Write a murder mystery instead of a poem?

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. Don’t let that little demon voice inside chuckle at your attempt.

As the shoe company says, Just Do It.

You just might find that your creative side expands ten times its size. Like Alice in Wonderland and her potions, you will be amazed at what you find.

It might not be literary fiction…it may not be good at all. But I’m having a great time impressing the hell out of myself…

19 thoughts on “Creativity Unleashed

  1. Indeed.

    Well, writing and dance are my happy places. I recently started blogging again and, for the first time, have committed to a daily writing / posting practice. It’s very much a process of discovery + recovery, a way to keep cultivating love for myself + others, and hopefully adding a little more light into the world… On the other front, I’m slowly negotiating a good balance between my own body’s zigzag journey into joy and the desire to facilitate wellness for others through movement (currently, as a Zumba instructor).

    So, yes, lots of beginnings.. and circling, and spiraling out, and returning to center; taking it one day, one moment, one breath at a time; and remembering ever more often to be grateful for it all.


  2. That’s how we all should feel about our creativity…whatever, wherever we are, is only the beginning. What is your creative endeavor?


  3. Hi! Great post about creative potential + courage. To borrow a little from Walt Whitman — we are large, we contain multitudes. And exploring those vast landscapes can yield unexpected rewards. Cheers to your accomplishments ~ both the pieces you’ve completed and the joys you’ve found in the process. 😊


  4. Thank you for your kind comments, and I would be honoured to have my work showcased in the gallery! I do have a blog post on the firing process, and a few videos on youtube of me throwing! I hope you have a great day!


  5. Some day I will have to get a step by step explanation of what a potter “does”. I love showcasing pottery — it is an art way beyond my talent. I know there is so much to it — the place I work sells all kinds of glazes and colors and even kilns. I think it’s time to showcase your work in the gallery — it’s so unique!

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  6. It sounds like you were in the creative flow, well that is what I like to call it. I have had this happen with both painting and pottery! I find it to be a magical state. I love how you encourage people to try other forms of creativity. Amazing things can come from that. It is how I became a potter 😉


  7. You don’t know how much I hear myself in you! The first 2 novels have been in my computer 15 years! Think of that! BUT…now that I’m trying this new way of writing for the final novel, it’s probably a good thing I didn’t try to get the first ones published, because I find I will need to change a few things in the first ones to match the last. I believe there is a bigger reason out there, sometimes, that stills your hand. It’s us that have to know when that hand is lifted. Sometimes we just don’t notice. Maybe there’s something “missing” from the memoirs you just now realize, and need to add. That’s why it hasn’t gone out yet. If it’s sat for a while, time to reread with fresh eyes. Then what the heck — just go for it. I bet it’s a good read — I know ~I~ would buy it!

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  8. I wish I could say with you, Claudia, that nothing has “…stopped me from creating new worlds and poetry and an occasional novella.” I can say with you that the act of writing … “… it’s therapy…” So your blog really spoke to my heart. Why aren’t I creating new worlds and a novella? Why haven’t I pursued the publication of my memoir? It’s been sitting in my computer for 3 years since I sort of finished it! I think that demon voice has something to do with it. I need to step up and “Just do it!” You do! And you are a wonderful encourager. Thank you, Claudia. I need to be able to join your chorus and sing with you “…I’m having a great time impressing the hell out of myself…” You rock, girl!!


  9. Writing can bring a great and mysterious delight to the writer. It has been a central joy to me for 70+ years and still new satisfactions arise, as with you. Aren’t we lucky?


  10. I love you know how that feels. We always think it won’t happen to us, but I dunno…maybe the planets align, our ideas crystalize, a character comes to life in our daydreams….I don’t know how these things come into focus, but when they do it feels wonderful! It really does! Good luck to you too!

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