Keep Chillin

This is the second day of my weather-imposed sabbatical. Yesterday the temperature was -16 (without wind chill figured in), this morning they are -26 without windchill. Not the weather for the faint of heart. My car won’t start so here am.

Of course, I was wrecked with guilt yesterday until I went out and bought some bird seed. I would be afraid those little guys would be feather pops unless I got them something to warm them from the inside.

I can see why the weather effects emotions so much. 

WoMan fights her/his whole life to be in control. In control of their life, their thoughts, their direction in life. And sometimes we half-way succeed. Then we get hit with something that keeps us from exerting that newly found control, and it’s frustrating. 

Hey! I just made plans to go to a museum by myself! I just bought new kicker shoes for work! I just got out of a bad relationship and I’m free!

And here we sit frozen into the house. All this positive pumped-up energy bouncing around our living room walls.

Of course, you could spend your freeze days and rainy days inside, cleaning, organizing, reading that book you bought two months ago. You could waste your time watching TV or not waste your time making cookies. 

There is a universe inside your universe that works for you every day, too. 

You don’t need to slay dragons every day. 

You can take assurance that there are bigger and more powerful forces around you that own you plain and simple. And your job is to work with them to continue moving forward.

So on this frozen Thursday morning I bow to the power of the Freeze and think I’ll go through my WordPress reader and read some fellow writers. I’ll make some cookies today and make sure the bird feeder is full.

And I shall charge up my turbo spaceship to the stars and try again tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Keep Chillin

  1. I looove snuggling under a big soft blanket, a cup of tea or coffee and a cookie and 2 dogs on my lap…..:D


  2. I’ve seen pictures of the horrible cold in the US, I am soooo glad we have a mild Winter !! But those Winter pics are really awsome, I have to admit.


  3. We spent the first day of our cold snap trying to thaw out frozen water pipes. That was fun. 🙂 Thankfully, our cold snap is a short one. Hope you’re enjoying your time off, Claudia!


  4. Cold snap is nearly over for us here in Mississippi. (I won’t comment on the temp b/c I don’t want to rub it in!) I don’t mind being house bound for a few days every now & again. Good for the mental health, I think!

    When we lived where it really did get cold, I’d often make homemade suet for the birds. Fun for me & good for them!


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