Sunday Evening Art Gallery on Thursday — Rings

A ring is a halo on your finger. ~Douglas Coupland

Puzzle Ring


Claddagh ring


Armor ring


Cheeseburger ring


Most Diamonds in a ring


Rosary Ring



Military ring


Mourning ring


The One ring

5 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery on Thursday — Rings

  1. I believe a mourning ring can have hair, or anything small as a remembrance of one who has passed on. I myself have never heard of a rosary ring, either. I found a couple more interesting ones I couldn’t fit in this blog, so they will appear in the Gallery. Thanks so much for sharing!

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  2. My favourite has always been the Claddagh ring, but one ring to rule them all holds a special place in my heart! Thanks for sharing. I had never seen a mourning ring, which I assume has the hair of the person being mourned in it.


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