Another Saturday Night

Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody
I got some money ’cause i just got paid
How I wish I had someone to talk to
I’m in an awful way

~Sam Cooke


Indeed it’s another Saturday night.

I’m alone, my other half is working. So I have the whole evening to myself.

So what should I do?

What do YOU do when you get 5-6 hours to yourself?

I often start with big plans that eventually fade out to vegging out watching TV. What a waste of a Saturday night.

So what I”m really going to do tonight is write. A new story, or maybe on an in-progress one. I’ve got a little scary movie going on in the background, not loud enough to have to pay attention, but more background noise cuz I’m all alone.

A good friend of mine suggested I write a story based on my last blog about “healing hands.” I might do that, although I have no idea on how it will end.

But more importantly, I’d love to know what YOU are doing tonight. On a Saturday night. On a night you get to yourself.

I don’t always get a lot of responses to my posts, but I love when my friends post back. This would be a fun time to hear your side of the story.

Tell me about your Saturday night….

Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody
Ain’t got no money so I can’t go play
Guess I’ll write about  travelin’ through ti-i-me
I’m in a happy way

~The Goddess

11 thoughts on “Another Saturday Night

  1. I do my best to go out whenever I can. She makes pop rock, with occasional hints of dancehall and RnB. Fun fact: she has a track titled “Tomorrow” where she encourages people to do what they want, rather than postponing it


  2. What a marvelous way to spend time! We do need to do the best we can, and enjoy life to the fullest! What kind of music does Sheebah make?


  3. I love that we try to do the same thing with free time! THere are so many things I want to do for myself by myself, that when I’m alone I get to be a multi-tasking mess!


  4. I attended an Album Launch of my favorite local artist, Sheebah Karungi. It was incredible as her performance was spectacular. She encouraged us to hold on longer and stay strong, do the best we can, as we enjoy life to the fullest. I loved it.


  5. I remember this song vey well! Just finished my blog post and am reading all of your posts along with many others. A great way to spend a Saturday night!


  6. I am so much like you! I do turn off the telly now and then. If I watch TV it’s usually things I like and hubby would never consider. But I try and sneak some writing time in too. That’s something else he doesn’t understand, either. Thank you for sharing!


  7. If I’m by myself on a Saturday night I usually turn off the tv, something my other half would never think of doing. I read, I may answer emails. I sit with my cat, I suppose I just veg’ out my way. I do hate to waste all the time watching tv, but I have also been known to do that too.


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