Listen to the Moon

I was driving home last night from meeting a friend for dinner and saw the most marvelous orange full moon. It was a redhead in all her glory, slowly rising above the horizon.

My first reaction (after amazement) was a little sadness, for I always want to see the rising moon from the far end of my property. There’s a cornfield on the other side of the back back back gate, which makes the horizon long and flat and dark.

There’s something about a full orange moon that fills me with magic. I become young again. I want to play, I want to do magic, I want to write magic. I want to see faeries in the woods and elves walking along the paths.

My imagination soars when I’m outside with the Lady of the Night.

Yet I missed this one — one I could have easily have watched from the very beginning. But I was out to dinner with a friend.

A friend who has just beaten cancer. Again. She has done chemo and is now going through radiation.

A friend that is full of life, of hope. I love her stories…she has so many of them. After what she’s been through, she is a gift from above. She has children and grandchildren that adore her, a husband that supports her, and everyone she meets becomes a friend of support through this bad time.

Maybe that’s what the moon was telling me last night.

Maybe it glowed with the magic of friendship. Maybe it glowed with pride in my thinking about someone else besides myself. Maybe She knew that if I hadn’t taken my friend to dinner I’d be zoning out on TV or some other wasteful pastime.

What’s the big deal about taking someone out to dinner? An hour and half, twenty-five dollars later. It’s an hour and a half out of your busy, busy, oh-so-important schedule.

Yet it is an hour and a half of strength. Of love. Of friendship.

Two people, both having suffered from the horrid demon C, eating soup and chowing down burgers, laughing about work and boasting about our grandkids and our kids and how lucky we are to be alive. We planned for tomorrow and the next day and the next day.

That’s what you do with friends.

One night go out and gaze upon a full moon. Listen to what it’s saying to you. You will  understand what She is saying. Your soul will be better for it.

18 thoughts on “Listen to the Moon

  1. That is me most of my life. But the times I have caught it first rising above the horizon is a magical moment for me. I hope to hold onto that feeling for more than a moment.

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  2. She’s blessed to have you in her life. Let her get good soon. But, but am super jealous, I always miss the full colorful moon. Only to know about it on a next day.


  3. You go through so much in life — with friends, family, strangers. You never know how you will affect someone else’s life. All I want to do it let those I cross in pain or confusion that they’re not alone. And when my turn comes, I hope I’m not alone either. Thank you, my friend.

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  4. I love your Moonlit story Claudia, your words warmed my heart and brought a tear/s to my eye. It must’ve been the moon last evening, as by purchance, I meet a nurse(Denise) yesterday, we hadn’t seen each other for 30 years !! She used to look after Carole at the Day Care Centre all those years ago, and she remembered me and Carole so well. We ended up having a drink together, and chatting for 2 hours, mainly about Carole, my girl, had left a big everlasting impression on her soul. It was truly a wonderful catch-up, and I’ve a feeling we’ll meet up again. ….


  5. Great sharing, Claudia. Yes, I think we all are better off when we take time from our busy lives to reach out and help others. And we are better off when we take time to go out and listen to the moon. She does have some wisdom to share. We need to watch and listen to her more often!


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