Looking For Advice

I have a question for all of your art lovers, photographers, painters, and anyone else who love the arts.

You find an artist you really like. It’s a particular form they made that has caught your eye. But when you go to their website there are a number of different forms they dabble in.

How do you know which is their main focus? What they’re known for?

I came across an artist who did abstract photography of things like water drops. When I went to their website, they had different categories to choose from: Human Nature, Landscapes, Abstracts, Commercial Stuff, Services, High Speed Photography, Conceptual, Natural Beauty, Graphic Design, Animals, Bugs, and My Ego.

How do you choose which style to share?

I don’t like to choose one from each heading, for I think it takes away from what the series is trying to convey. It’s like multi-colored confetti.

I may showcase something I think is cool, but the artist is really well-known about some other field of endeavor. That’s why sometimes it’s hard to showcase an artist. All of their talents are amazing, but I can only show off one.

Any advice you have to this newbie art collector would be appreciated.

Sometimes diversity is confusing.


6 thoughts on “Looking For Advice

  1. I don’t really have a suggestion, but I do enjoy the examples you choose to share. Perhaps an artist could be featured more than once, each time showcasing a different medium.


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