Ode to Autumn Fly

Pesky fly lands on my foot

A most major distraction

I glance towards colleagues

Mismatched socks

Writer’s idea of humor

Creative jokesters, these bards be

Fly lands in someone’s hair

Restless in its annoyance

Won’t someone give him a sugar cube?

Lots of people with no socks

End of summer, end of sandals

Autumn nips of cold and gold

Summer Solstice come and gone

The robes of Fall begin to unfurl

Protect us from Winter’s breath

Soon the fly will hear the call

Change of seasons

Taking its sugar cube along

On its never ending journey south

Hope he wears mismatched socks, too


(c) Claudia Anderson


2 thoughts on “Ode to Autumn Fly

  1. Thank you! I wrote that at a writer’s conference years ago. I am getting ready to go to my first one in years next Saturday, and thought this poem might bring me some inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

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