#AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek! Finale


This has been a great week. I loved sharing the blogs I enjoy reading. There are so many others that I didn’t get to share — but there is always time one day in the future. Know every blog you write is putting magic in the air.

Like I said last year, there are thousands and thousands of bloggers out there. You may follow three or three hundred. The purpose of this made-up week is to encourage you to interact with those who write/paint/travel/share with you. If you like what you read, click that little LIKE button. REALLY like what you read? Drop a comment! We/you/they love to hear back from you!

I love reading your work PiratePatty, Jocelyn, Phyllis, Chrissy, Sara, Sharon, Jane, Ben, Ellen, Dwight, Brandon, Gwen, Marion, Blue, Mary, Jan B, Donna, and all the others  I didn’t get to mention.

You are all magic. Listen to that voice inside you and let it inspire you. You only go through life one time…make  it magical!


5 thoughts on “#AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek! Finale

  1. Thank you, Claudia, for sharing some of your favorites and helping us find other encouraging bloggers. I appreciate your mention of JanBee … and am so glad we “follow” each other. You never fail to inspire me.


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