#AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek! Part 4 – ~Ray V~

Happy #AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek!

Sometimes as a reader you prefer shorter commentaries that touch you personally, like music, movies, trivia, or illness. Ray V. at Mitigating Chaos, says of his blog: “Mitigating Chaos is sometimes very serious, sometimes frivolous and more often than not… somewhere in between.” And that is where I am in my life. His experiences are my experiences. So much fun.


Can’t Buy A Break

I am starting to feel like David Kanigan, one of my blogging heroes.  Just recently, I teased DK that he allows himself to get into crazy situations, simply to have something to write about on his blog.

He did not deny my accusation.

Normal Martha

Last night, we were quietly celebrating Megan’s discharge from the hospital and my wife’s birthday, which is today. It was 9pm and we were just getting around to eating when someone noticed that Martha’s face looked a little swollen.

Indeed it did and being the responsible pet owner/babysitter I am, proceeded to place two, 25mg Benedryl caplets in a folded piece of yellow American cheese and gave Martha a “treat.”

An hour and a half later (10:30pm) I was driving down I-20 towards The Augusta Emergency Animal Clinic with a lean Chow -mix that now resembled a plump, red, Char-Pei.

Martha last night


As we arrive, the entrance is covered in blood (not much of an exaggeration. I wish I thought to take a photo) and Martha gives me that “I don’t care how sick I am, but I’m not going in there” look. Well, it is the only emergency vet in the area and they were having a whopper of a night.  I was talking to the owner of the bleeding dog and the dog survived its encounter with another dog.  There were some mighty interesting characters that made their way through those doors for the hour and a half we were there and I’m sure they thought the same about Martha and me.

Martha was not her “little miss personality” self and had to be muzzled by the staff as they gave her an injection of Decadron and some Hydroxyzine pills to take home.

Additionally, when she gets stressed, her anal glands go into overdrive. If you don’t know what that means, lucky you.

So off we went, back into the rainy, dark night for the 35-minute drive home, arriving at 0128hrs. (1:28 am).

Who needs sleep?

Stop by Ray’s Place and catch a smile or two!

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