Just Do Something Different

Rage Against The Box …. Kafia Haile

I finally wrote something new last night — a narrative poem.

Doesn’t it feel good when you create something new?

I’ve been working on the third book of two trilogies and I feel like I’m walking one way into the desert. Plod Plod make it to the Oasis. I love these books, and I love the endings I have in mind for them. But I’ve been working on these sets for so long I’ve forgotten how it feels to write something new and fresh and different.

I wonder if that’s a metaphor for our life.

We do the same things over and over again. Drive the same way to work, eat the same lunch, make the same meals for dinner. We play the same games, mow the lawn the same way, sleep in the same bed night after night.

Nothing wrong with any of the above, but what if we slept in the guest bedroom one night? What if we took a different route home from work? Mowed the lawn in a criss cross fashion?

I think we often don’t realize how boring we are.

Painters paint the same styles because they are good at it. Landscapes, abstracts, portraits. Jewelry makers create the same bracelets and earrings because that’s what sells.

But I wonder if that same jewelry maker has a couple of knockout pieces that defy logic (except for what it’s used for)? I wonder if off in a closet somewhere the painter has painted a whole canvas full of boxes just because?

It feels good to get out of your conformity, doesn’t it?

It feels good to do something weird and fun and different, doesn’t it?

We all need to do that. Some more than others; some more often than others. Life is too short to be boring. Make a splash. If your project is taking a long time, take a break from it now and then and try something fresh. Leave your projects to the side now and then and create something quick and fun and so-not-you.

Discover another side of your awesome personality.

You’ll be glad you did.

16 thoughts on “Just Do Something Different

  1. Thank you. I, too, have sleeping problems — last night I was just too hot in my bed so I went out to the livingroom to the couch. Sometimes change is necessary!


  2. You are just the best! In going over to your blog, Im going to dedicate next Monday eve to reading all your Irish articles. I am one of many who want to travel through Ireland,and one of many who will probably never make it there, but I love stories about the locals. You rock too!

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  3. A great idea. I do sleep in the guest bedroom some nights, simply because sleep defies me in my own bed. Seems just the act of getting up and going into another room works for me. Lovely post. Thank you.


  4. You are MY inspiration. After all you’ve been through, and still coming out a wonderful poet and creative person — you are my hero!


  5. I hear you. I wrote a short story last night, and for some reason it was coming out in short statements. So I went with the flow, and later found out that the style was “narrative.” I told a story via a poem. Which is just how it came out. Fun!

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