How Short Is Too Short?

Lately I’ve been opening my blogs with a reference to my getting older. I guess instead of fighting it I need to embrace it. Or whatever. I don’t cherish getting older…nor do I relish it, look forward to it, or use it to my advantage.

But I know I suffer from what my parent’s generation and my grandparent’s generation suffered from…what is this world coming to?

I wrote a novel about a woman who goes back in time to 1880. Talk about repression. And men were the ones who not only suppressed but designed the clothing they were forced to wear. I mean, long sleeves and a bustle in 90 degree weather?

I survived the bellbottom years, the polyester years, the shoulder pad years, and the overhalls-with-one-strap-down years. I’ve survived looking at underwear sticking way up over jeans, mini skirts and turban wraps.

But I can’t survive the clothing of the 18’s.

Now let me explain my personal hangups first.

I have always had a self-image problem. Certain parts of my anatomy were always too large for fashion, so everything I wore was conservative. I loosened up in my 20s, but was never brave enough to show it all off, as it were.

I try and have an open mind when it comes to fashion, knowing that each generation pushes it to the limit in one way or another. Women should not be afraid to dress the way they want. It is a free world, after all.

I went to an outdoor concert last weekend, and it was a perfect evening for people watching. And did I watch. Every age, every color, every height and weight. It was fascinating. But what I wasn’t fascinated with were the lengths and tops of the younger girls.

Here comes my old biddie attitude.

They were wearing tops as dresses. I was glad none of them bent over while walking by. They were wearing clothes that were too tight for their figure or too low cut. Now I have been known to wear low cut on occasion (especially after I’ve lost weight), but there was too much information pushed together as amazing cleavage to suit my taste.

These weren’t models in their mid-20s either. These were high school and college girls, big girls, skinny girls, not a care in the world as to who sees what.

And I wondered. Is this the fashion of today?

There was sex written all over these outfits. That come-hither look was as popular as the band playing country music. Now before you think me a prude, I’m all for sex and showing what you’ve got and teasing and shining and all that. But how far do you go to show it off?

I hate saying “in my day”, but in my day there were also girls who pushed the fashion limit. They didn’t bother me then. They would bother me now, though.

Now not everyone dressed for a day at the beach. The majority were shorts and tops and sun dresses. (I was in the sundress category.) There were families, couples, singles, all walking back and forth from one stage to the other. The shorts women were just as happy as the shirt/dress women.

I just wonder why it bothered me so much.

Was I jealous because they were young and carefree and I was not?

Was I worried that they gave the impression they were ready for what short skirts usually bring even if they were not?

Was I all hung up on sex when no one else was?

Alas, I’m sure the girls had a great time as did their friends and dates. And not one was disturbed at the message they were promoting. If they were promoting at all.

Maybe it’s a mom thing. A grandma thing. Or, dare I wonder, if it’s a woman thing.

Yes, I hate getting older. And the judgement that comes with it.



23 thoughts on “How Short Is Too Short?

  1. ‘Yes, I hate getting older. And the judgement that comes with it.’

    Your honesty is commendable! Loved this one.


  2. Ha! I’ve heard that too! Maybe today’s girls think they’re missing something if they don’t give it up right away. Who knows. I wore short skirts when I was 20, but at least my underwear didn’t peek out…

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  3. Amen. I understood you weren’t being judgmental. We just aren’t going to change at our age. And I’m glad we aren’t. I thought later about your post. Perhaps it is the loss of romance that is what the young ones don’t see. When all mystery is revealed, the romance wanes. Like a woman I loved dearly once said to me when I was young, “I man’s not going to buy a cow if the milk is free.”


  4. Ha ! how I like “looking at other people” and how they are dressed and what make-up they are wearing or no make up. I absolutely do not care what others wear, I wouldn’t even be offended if all people walked arround like Adam and Eve, as long as I can wear what I want. Personally I always try to look my best when I go away from home, even for a quick trip to the supermarket (when I am working in the garden that is an other story). I am 62 years and overweight but I think you can do a lot with make-up and the right clothes, it does not have to be expensive as some people seem to think. But when I “look at people” and see what they wear and how they behave I wonder if they have a mirror at home. But I enjoy looking, as an artist/ex- beautician maybe I look at people in a different way and I try to imagine how they would look in other clothes and with other make-up. Bit I always enjoy it 😀


  5. I feel the same as you Phyllis.. I was at an outdoor concert last weekend and thought the very same thing. So much skin on girls that look like they are wearing a nightshirt… made me feel like an old lady myself… lol


  6. Thank you, Jan, for the support. I try not to over-react to things that go against my grain, but sometimes…especially if the fashion doesn’t fit the body…

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  7. I have two grandsons (young) and one granddaughter (baby), so my time of inspection is yet to come. I don’t mind others trying to look good…I’ve tried all my life. But the conservative streak in me thinks there should be a little mystery in the anatomy department…that’s half the fun!

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  8. I thank you for the repost! I hate coming off as a crabby biddie — I guess it’s hard to go with the flow sometimes. But I have been blessed with a good life, so it’s much easier to let what I don’t care for disappear on the evening breeze…

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  9. When you and I were in school, they measured the length of our dresses to make sure they were not over and inch or two above the knees. It was a different time. But I agree that “casual” today appears more as “catastrophe.” Gradually over the years we’ve declined in good taste. In my old age, I still wear jeans and capris, but shorts are Bermuda. Tank tops are no more because I’m not in the same shape as Judge Jeanine and I don’t want to show off those flabby upper arms. However I do see lots of women our age who don’t care. I think most of us though are a product of our upbringing. Few parents today check out what their children are wearing or even care where they are going. Fortunately my granddaughters dress conservatively or I’d be nagging.


  10. Well written, Claudia. You captured some of my thoughts perfectly. Yes, the over the top provocative tops worn as dresses that don’t Cover enough of the top or bottom are anything but flattering. Where has modesty gone?? Why are we judgemental? Age? No – I think good taste has no age!!

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  11. That’s what I mean. I wonder if our parents were fed up with what we did or were. These days there’s not much left for the imagination, tho.


  12. Maybe I’m old fashioned too, I loved the sensual allure of my lady idols, Stevie Nicks and Deborah Harry, in their fully covered attire, just wiggling hips, a shake of the shoulders, a smile, a flicker of an eye, and I was melted and awestruck….. and then I found Carole…… wow….


  13. I agree that what is worn by many girls/women today, is never what I would have worn at any point in my life. I suppose it’s the right of individuals to choose what they wear, but I can’t help but feel a little offended by the extremities of what some consider fashionable. I guess I’m getting too old to appreciate it.


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