Unique Is A Wonderful Word

Although I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping up with technology, when I talk with real technology gurus it’s like talking to someone who only speaks Chinese.

I do love the ability to turn on a machine and write away, save it, delete some, insert some, and not having used half a tree to do so.

I  also am loving the unique and unusual art I am finding for my gallery.

Most of my loyal readers know this blog has a feature called Sunday Evening Art Gallery. I post 5-6 pictures every Sunday with a short intro to the artist. A few weeks later I post the mother load on my actual Sunday Evening Art Gallery website, showing you the magnificent works these artists create.

I dabbled in painting when I was in high school. I never took formal classes, but I loved being able to create something  unique. I found it was easier for me to take up writing, creating something unique with every word.

With today’s technology I am able to discover artists I’ve never heard of, or research artists I’ve known my entire life. It’s an amazing world out there, and I love the beauty of discovery.

I didn’t realize this was an advertisement for my art gallery site until just now. But if you haven’t taken a look over there, please do. You will find you get lost in worlds you never knew existed.

Oh! And by the way — if you know or have a favorite artist, email me at humoring_the_goddess@yahoo.com and let me know. I want to know what you love, what you enjoy, what you like but don’t understand.

Come on over and wander one evening. You never know who you’ll see there.

Have a beautiful week, my friends.

Graham Muir


Stairway to Nowhere




Guido Daniele


David Kracov


Spencer Biles


Jackson Pollock


Dean Russo




Glass Frames







6 thoughts on “Unique Is A Wonderful Word

  1. Hi Claudia, I always enjoy your articles, although lately I may have missed a couple, Ivor’s been busy again, being an old plumber. Hope you’ve recovered ok, always your friend Ivor.


    1. Oh, I miss a lot of blogs, too. Full time work does that to you. Then I come home and want to write, so it takes away from my visiting blog time. Perhaps next year when I retire I’ll have more time. But I’m glad you’re keeping busy. You can only look at so many sunrises and sunsets before your mind fuzzes over!


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