Take Care of Yourself

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately…a weekend stop for the whole weekend at the hospital does put a cramp on your writing and socializing. I developed a medical condition that needed liquid IVs. Happy to say I am home and so much better so all is well.

But being alone for 2-1/2 days with nothing but stat checks and veins that wouldn’t cooperate was cause for mental munching. And I wondered…could this have been avoided?

This is not a case of self-condemnation — it’s a case of being human.

And wondering if we all do it.

We get a cut. We wipe it off with our sleeve and think it’s okay, when we know there’s a chance of infection.

We run across the street because we’re late for work, in rain, in sunny weather, all seasons. We know there’s a chance we could slip and fall, but we ignore it, because we are in good shape.

We develop a cold that moves into our chest, but we don’t believe it will turn into pneumonia because it’s really not that bad.

How many times do we as humans take the short road? Ignore symptoms and predicaments and swim away like a newly released fish? We weigh the odds, the options, the worst-case scenario. And most times we bet on the the popular vote — it’s not that serious.

And most times we are right.

But there are other times we pay for that glib choice. We know we’ve dug open a sore one too many times. Taken cold medicine and gone out to conquer the world. Eaten a decadent desert even though we’re diabetic.

And sometimes it all comes back to bite us in the arse.

I’m thinking I’m in the latter group. I knew my “condition” might trigger something worse… I’ve beaten the odds so many times. So this time would be the same escape as before.

But it wasn’t.

We as adults need to pay more attention to our bodies and take care of them the first sign of trouble. That doesn’t mean your sinuses flair up and you stay home from work for a week — it means taking care of the illness when it first flairs up.

It means paying attention to weird twitches and shortness of breath and pain in body parts and open wounds. It means not worrying what others think of your precautions, but following through on treatment. It doesn’t mean calling the doctor for every little ache — it means paying attention to that ache and noticing if its getting worse.

In our minds, all humans want to be invincible. We want to be strong and healthy and to be able to take the world on without a complaint.

But we’re not that way. None of us. We are mere human beings that just want to stick around on the planet as long as we can.

So put your big boy (or girl) pants on and take care of what needs to be taken care of. Better to take a visit to the doctor than a visit to the hospital. Or the grave. And believe me, there are many around you who want you to stick around a lot longer.

And if you don’t want your co-workers to know you spent the weekend in the hospital, tell them you jetted to Paris for the weekend.

Unless you live in Paris. Then you’re caught.


31 thoughts on “Take Care of Yourself

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better now !!! I am not so keen on going to the doctor either, I usually think : it came by itself so it will probably go by itself. But sometimes you just know you have to go, as long as it doesn’t end in hospital I’m ok with it but often you are sent to see a specialist in some hospital….. Take care Claudia !


    1. The older we get, the more alerts we pick up..and the more we ignore. Time to get our heads out of the sand and just take care of it first thing. Easy to say, hard to do…


      1. Well so far a lot of what aches and pains I get goes away sooner or later but then some other ache comes along…


  2. I think living by yourself/myself is even worser, I’ve nobody to tell me to look after myself or to tell me how silly I am. I shall try to be a betterer patient for myself…


    1. We all tell ourselves we are better than we are. My hubby wasn’t aware of my malady until I came home from work one day and off we went to the hospital. We all think our pains are nothing, are going away. Most times they do. But sometimes they just get worse. I’m sure you’ve got the basics…


    1. I know! I am not blaming myself for winding up in the hospital…that might have happened anyway. But I don’t think I took the infection seriously, and when it hit it was a doozy. So I’m going to pay a lot more attention to my body’s signals. You are right. Makes sense.

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    1. You always make me feel better, Ann. If I got one person to pay attention when things happen instead of blowing it off, it’s one more person not rushed off to the hospital.

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    1. It’s so true, my friend. You think it’s always going to happen to someone else. Then BLAM! Doctor says you gotta go to the hospital. Too late by then to pay attention!

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