Don’t Be Afraid To Live In Your Fantasy World

Let me be clear. I have a good life. I do. I do not want to leave it behind, dump it, change it, or erase it. I am blessed, and I know I’m blessed. And I am thankful.

But I also have a life outside of this plane of existence. It’s a world of my own making. I control the characters, the lies, and the pain. I feel the love, the confusion, and the magic of the world around me.

No, I’m not psycho nor psychic.

I am a writer.

I tend to get lost in good books too, but I am finding I am falling in love with the worlds I create. In my books there’s passion, insecurity, fear, and curiosity. There is no war, no prejudice. There is making love and fun sex but not pornography. It may seem quite vanilla in my worlds, but, to be honest, there is enough crap going on in the world around me that I don’t need to deal with it in my fantasy world.

Are my stories reminiscent of Harlequin novels? You know — girl meets boy, they don’t hit it off at first, they both have a problem to overcome, they are attracted to each other, they fight the problem, they overcome it, then fall in love and get married.

In some form, yes. In most other ways, no. In my stories they lovers don’t always wind up together. Or they do. Or they want to but can’t. Or they can. It doesn’t matter because it’s the journey that counts.

We all have our way of writing. Our own themes. Our own demons. As I’ve said in past blogs, I often wonder how authors like Stephen King or Dean Koontz get into the blackness of the mind and spread it across their books. Do they get off on digging deep and writing scary stuff? Do they become the madness, the psycho, at least for the time they are writing about it?

I believe that if you are passionate about your writing you can’t help but get lost in your stories. Whether they are short stories, novellas, or novels, you can’t help but take a particular point of view. Are you the antagonist? The victim? The virgin? The pompous ass?

Each character you develop helps you get lost in your fantasy world. You want your pompous ass to really be an ass, you want your troubled couple to be passionate about each other. You want poverty or wealth to be real, and your fantasy names to be easy to read.

Sometimes I want to spend more time in my fantasy worlds than I do in my real world. I love my fantasy worlds, my time-travel worlds, and my modern worlds. I work hard to make my worlds believable, along with the people who populate them.

Perhaps that’s why I get so lost in my own creations. I still cry in certain parts, and feel my heart flutter and race in others. I still get pissed off at some people and feel lost when they feel lost.

I hope that you get lost in your writings, too. Don’t hold your story at arm’s length. Get into each chapter, each character. Leave your world behind. Forget the politics, the job, the housework. Find a place both physically and mentally and just let loose.

You won’t always be hot..You might not always “feel” it. But don’t give up. Because when it comes back it will hit you like a lightning bolt. And when it does you better go with it.

Come back to your reality when you have to, but live in your fantasy world as often as you can.

You won’t be sorry.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid To Live In Your Fantasy World

  1. Don’t worry about the novels going anywhere, my friend. The fact that you have a basic idea that you can thread through a whole book makes it high and above others who just think about it. If you are looking for a publisher, good luck. If not, find a cheapy do it yourself book printer and print out copies for family and friends. Let them see your magic1

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  2. You are so right ! If a book is not good (my perception of course) then I can easily close it and start a new one. We have a big library in our village and of course I have lots and lots of books myself. And at my age I can read a book again after a while and think; hey ? this looks a bit like a book I once read 😀


  3. I would LOVE being shut away to do nothing but write! I always tell my husband I’d love to go to a hotel for the weekend..just me…and write. He thinks I’m nuts. Well, I’m going to our cabin up North next week for 4 days..he’s bringing a buddy with, so that means they’ll be fishing all day and I’ll be writing. Can’t wait…so many ideas! And I knew you would be in all of your poetry somewhere..


  4. That is to the credit of a good writer. I’ve read some books that were just crappily written (Shades of Grey, anyone?) and some that were okay. You’d read and read and wait or something to happen and wait and wait and FINALLY something did. A good/great writer keeps you wondering “what’s next?” up until the last page.


  5. Oh Claudia, I think you were writing about me, I live so many fantasies in my poems, and then they’re hinged onto realities as well, and thus there’s lots of “me” in my writings. I love the escapism I create sometimes, in my Fantasy and Horror Poems. Actually sometimes I can stay in my writing world for up to three days at a time, not venturing out of my writers haven at all….(haha, I do check for supplies first)….


  6. I know exactly what you mean, that’s why I love reading books. I am always sad when a book is finished as I got to know the characters and felt sorry for them or happy. And then again I am happy when I can start a new book…


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