To Write or Not Write…That Is The Question

Okay. I think I’m out of my mind, but…I am going to start a writer’s group.

I was in a writers group years ago when I was really active in my state writing association, Wisconsin Writers Association (check it out all you from Wisconsin!). I was a board member of the organization, and joined a local, small group just to be able to sit and talk about writing.

That was long ago and feels far away. I’ve got this A.D.D. thing about writing, and my hubby isn’t really “into it”, so it’s time to get around other people who are A.D.D. about writing too.

I’ve never organized a group before. I’m not published, although I’ve written five novels. I don’t have a college degree, nor have I spent my professional life writing (until the last few years). I’ve pushed for my Digital Writer position, but if things don’t change I’ll be retired before I write much.

On the plus side I am a pretty good proofreader, having done it professionally as well as personally, and I have a good hold on grammar.

So I figured there must be other frustrated writers that want to just start something or do a better job with what they’ve written. So why not get together every couple of weeks and perfect our craft while whining and showing off?

We’ll start with 10 members. I don’t even know if there are  10 people around town that want to write better. But it’s worth a try. Maybe someone can recommend a publisher who is looking for a fantasy fiction time travel modern woman who gets caught in a time warp.

Or maybe we’ll just find somebody who likes to bring treats.



33 thoughts on “To Write or Not Write…That Is The Question

  1. Oh my! If only you lived closer! I had no luck starting my writers group, but after hearing your idea maybe I’ll ask a few writers that I know and make our own group! I live in the country too, and we’ve got a number of walking paths through the woods too! Great ideas!

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  2. Any luck since this blog post? I am so similar to you but different. After moving back to Door COunty I am feeling the drive to write again and to try to make a dream come true, started a Wild Woodsy Writers group, hosted on my back porch facing the forty acres. I throw together a cheese plate after we walk the trails and get brave enough to read out loud what we’re writing. It too is a slow building process but we’re getting there.


  3. I was being optimistic. I would be happy with five. I just want to be with other writers once in a while. My membership drive is at zero…but Im optimistic. Maybe I’ll just have to drive a bit to join one.

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  4. Good luck with your project of starting a writers group. Here in Ennis Montana I belong to a group that meets every first and third Friday of the month. We are between four and eight in number. We have a passion about writing, just as you do. It’s fun to share! I hope you find five or six people who will encourage one another, share, and bring treats. Your goal of ten is fine, but don’t hold out for it. Where two or three are gathered, He is there! Best wishes!

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  5. I write.. Short-stories, poems, and motivational stuff.. ! If that’s what is known as A writer then yes .. I am a writer.. I am going to publish my book soon on kindle..


  6. Others help us think through the story with more depth and a wider viewpoint. Plus, language is inherently ambiguous, being mere symbols. What might be clear to us is pea soup to someone else, and knowing where that happens is invaluable. I’ve come to see any comments as pure gold.


  7. I just know that I love writing. It comes out of every pore, every aura. And if I can connect with others who feel the same way I do. it’s all good.

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  8. Oh Claudia, I think Geelong’s just too far away, but I’ll drop in when I get over there… I’ve a poetry group I go to on a Sunday during the month, and a writers group I go to twice a month. I find them both beneficial to my writing, by having other writers examine my works. The groups are affiliated with my Geelong Writers Inc. which is a strong local writers organisation.


  9. I will let you know if this idea works. If not, I know there’s a couple of groups half hour both north and south of me. I always think I don’t need help, but we all can use some outside observations. I know I’m afraid of what others will think of my writing, but how else can we be honest in what we write?

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  10. I’m not sure this is for me, because, being the world is all about me, I am not struggling at the moment. But I do miss the input of other writers. The energy, the possibility of helping someone else is what draws me. Plus…I need something to do Tuesday nite, as my hubby works and all I do is sit and watch TV…

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  11. I will take you up on it. Are you available Sunday evening? (look how I’m narrowing your choices right away!) I am all for getting all the help I can get. And you as my twin know what I need!


  12. Dave Rank and I started Moraine Writers Guild ten years ago. They now have a daytime and an evening group. I’m available if you want to chat. You will be so glad when you get the
    Group up and running.


  13. I’ve never been in a writer’s group (other than online Facebook groups), and it’s not really for me, but other writers love them. So more power to you for starting one. I’m sure there are other writers in your area who would love to be part of a supportive environment.


  14. Involve caffeine and chocolate. 🙂 One of my groups is over a half-hour away, and that is a challenge, but it’s large and diverse. So I make the drive about once a month or more often for a class.


  15. There are several writers groups but they are more than a half hour drive. So I thought I might as well try one myself. I will give a writing prompt at the beginning to get us loose. Any other suggestions?

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  16. I’m a member of a variety of writer groups. Have your checked out any local ones? I write PB through YA, so I’m a member of SCBWI. It’s all over the country and even international. Romance writers are good at banding together. They might have a chapter near you. Sadly, I am not near you. My groups are so helpful. Best of luck!


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