Do We “Get” Each Other?

There is a certain responsibility as a blog writer and a blog follower.

You need to write content that is entertaining, whether it be sad, provocative, funny, or informative. But you need to read the blogs you follow, too.

I’ve been lax in that department.

I always manage to read the first few that pop up in my reader, but it takes a few thumbing motions downwards to see what all I have missed. And often it’s alot.

I follow blogs that haven’t had anything written for 6 months or even a year. I always figure they will come back sometime. I follow writers who post every day. I sometimes feel bad I don’t connect with either of them as often as I should.

Which makes me wonder. I wonder if those who have 5,000, 10,000 followers, how many blogs do they follow? Do they read them all? Respond to them all?

I’m a believer that you shouldn’t “follow” someone unless you are really following them. Learning their story, enjoying their painting or photography. Maybe you don’t have to comment on every post you read, but it’s nice to say something nice about what you’re reading.

I get to wonder about those who have thousands and thousands of followers. Especially on places like Twitter. If you’re not online when someone else tweets, what does it matter? Their important words will never be picked up by your reading public. I sometimes try to go into Twitter and pick someone I follow and read all their tweets going back a few weeks. But time is of the essence, and I’d rather read other’s blogs.

Then you circle back and wonder if all the people who follow you really read you. Really look at your images. And do numbers really matter.

I hope you write because you love to write, and have found an outlet for your emotions in the form of a blog or a tweet. You will find those who really click with you commenting over and over again. Those are the people who make me feel special. Liked. Like they really get me.

Get your blogs ‘a blogging and get someone!

19 thoughts on “Do We “Get” Each Other?

  1. I have a few “favorites” of course 😀 but I do try to read the blogs of my followers every day and I always answer their comments, not always on the day but as soon as I can.


      1. There is nothing more special than grandbabies !! They grow up soo fast !!! From a very young age they have a real social life, birthdayparties, danceparties…and they are only 6 and 8 ! The 8 year old goes to art school and youth club, the 6 year old plays football and goes to youthclub. They have a busy life you know 😀


  2. I’m only following about 100, and I set aside time each day to read the posts of those I follow. I do have a rule though: If the content is too “adult” or the language is too coarse, I won’t finish reading the post. I still follow, and wait for the next post. I guess I’m kind of prudish that way.


    1. I think we all have our cut-off line. I also don’t care for too coarse or blogs that are too suggestive. There is nothing wrong with those with readers who relish that sort of thing, but it’s not for me. I enjoy reading those who write and dream and laugh and talk about the things that make me feel good.


  3. Thanks for your honesty Claudia! You are not alone with the quick scroll through. Everyone’s time is so precious. Its quite a jewel when someone takes the time to read a post. Then to comment – WOW – that’s the icing on the cake!


  4. There’s no way I can keep up with all the people I follow on social media, but I always try to reciprocate and interact with those who visit my sites. Some bloggers post frequently (as opposed to my once or twice a month), so I can’t read all their posts, but I stop in when I can. We have to stay present in the real world too. Social media has a way of taking us away from it if we’re not careful. Before we know it, two hours have disappeared!


    1. I so agree. That’s why I sometimes have to take those two hours and read and respond. Sometimes it’s only a “like” but I know it means something to the writer.


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