Birds in my Feeder

I have always enjoyed watching birds at the bird feeder.

Off in the middle of my back yard there are two feeders that I try and keep full year round. When the weather’s nice I sit on the back deck and hope to catch the dive bombers as they come in for lunch.

Last fall I decided to attach a smaller feeder on the corner of my front deck. It has been Grand Central Station ever since.

I sit on my sofa and am constantly entertained by the parade of species stopping by for a seed or two. It’s amazing. Wrens, sparrows, a male and female cardinal, starlings, mourning doves, a red-headed woodpecker, and even the jaybirds stop and grab a bite.

It’s an entertaining soap opera. This little one pushes its same kind away so they can eat first, some knock it out of the feeder so they can eat it off the deck, and some just bask in the afternoon sun.

My feeder always has something going on. It gets to the point of being distracting should I be sitting on the sofa and watch TV or work on my computer.

I’m glad I could help the birds through this snow-filled winter. They are very diligent — they push away the snow on the feeding trough before I get out there to clean it, and  they practically stand in line to feed.

Help your fellow birds out. Extend your kindness to a bird and fill a feeder for the little ones. Then sit back and watch the crowds at the restaurant.

You will be quite entertained.

16 thoughts on “Birds in my Feeder

  1. I can only dream about a glas of wine alas, I am drunk after just a sip ! (something to do with an operation I had), I never have been drinking much alcohol but a glas of wine with a meal, I enjoyed that ! So it will be a cup of tea for me, ha 😀


  2. I could too. Early morning with a cup of coffee, eveningtime with a glass of wine. Or milk, depending on my mood. We could sit and watch them together!


  3. An easy addition! I am noticing that as the weather gets warmer the visits are fewer, but that’s okay by me. The birds know there’s always dinner over at my house waiting for them.

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  4. Well, you can still see them on your nature walks! Although they most likely are alerting all the other birds that you’re there!


  5. I agree. I remember watching the antics of the local birds as they came for a bite. I quit putting out bird baths and feeders after we got a cat, and now we live in a condo that doesn’t allow feeders. (Don’t want to attract pigeons)


  6. Gorgeous Claudia, I thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful post this morning. I love our feathered friends, where would we be without them, they make the world grow green.


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