What If…

What If

Those are the words of imagination. Of exploration, of conquering new worlds. Of trying a new style of clothing, car, or food.

What If

I suffer from a lot of What Ifs. None of it destructive, mind you, although it does hit me when I’m driving to and from work a lot (it’s on an empty back road so don’t worry…I still pay attention..). What if I drove into the middle of that cornfield? What if I turned around and drove straight to the airport and bought a ticket to San Antonio? What if I looked up into the evening sky and saw a dragon flying across the horizon?

What Ifs can be fun. They can be dangerous. 

But they also can be illuminating.

What If takes you out of your comfort zone. Out of your self-conscious ego and self-damaging thoughts. It takes you to worlds where hobbits talk with faeries and American spies get thrown into Russian prisons. It makes apples purple and skin scarlet.  

What If makes you think and daydream without getting hurt. What if there really was a zombie apocalypse? I mean what if zombies were trashing the city, town, closest to you? What would you do? Where would you go? 

Or what if you were walking through the park on a summer evening and a gnome walked out of the bushes and stopped and looked at you on your path? Or if a faerie landed on your shoulder? I mean, really! What would you do? How would you react?

Or what if you were merely looking out your front window one sunny afternoon and you saw a gigantic spider crawling over the house across the street towards your house?

What If can obviously take you in dark places. What If you and your friend drove off the cliff like in Thelma and Louise? What if you drank a soda that turned out to be poison? What if you fell down the stairs and you weren’t near a phone and lived alone and no one ever came to visit you?

What Ifs are a creative person’s best friend. You can take funny, scary, wonderful thoughts and turn them into make believe. Like a painting. A painting of walking down the street of 1890’s Paris is all make believe. The painter never walked those streets, saw those streetlights, or said good evening to people walking past in hats and long dresses and suits.

But they did say…What If I were walking down the streets in 1890 Paris? What would I see? How would they be dressed? What would the stores look like? 

I  wrote two novels about What If. What If by some accident you woke up in 1880? You knew nothing about the times, the manners, the ambitions of the people you encounter. What would you do?

Keep those What Ifs going!! Write them down, paint them, carve them. Let your imagination take you on a magic carpet ride.

Which leads to…what if there really was a magic carpet and you could sit and ride on it? Where would you go? Would it be windy? Could you fall off? Would you fly into birds and bugs and….



11 thoughts on “What If…

  1. Clever blog – very thought provoking! I’d take the magic carpet to Maine and Nova Scotia. They’ve long been on my bucket list for fall colors! And lobster, of course!


  2. That kind of What If definitely is not good. That’s almost like second guessing your choices. My What Ifs are more whimsical. A chance to choose a path you don’t really walk down much.

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  3. When you see it like that then yes. But for real life it is hard I think. This weekend a young boy (23) dropped death off his bicycle during a race, heart failure, then “what if” is a whole other question. Emergency services where there instantly as they always accompany such races and a lot of doctors are amongst the cars that follow the race. Was it mend to be or was it pure bad luck ? What if he stayed at home that day, would he still be alive ?? See what I mean ?


  4. Not really…not if you follow that What If with a story or poem or painting or something…we really don’t know the answer, so we can just make it up!

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  5. Yes yes! That’s why we have to take advantage of What Ifs every day. What Ifs are wonderful therapy, that is for sure. At least they are for me. Even though I don’t What If driving off the cliff like Thelma and Louise, I DO wonder What If and start a poem or short story. No IF ONLYs for us!


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