How Do You Do It?

Well, I’ve done it again.

There was a time not so long ago I swore off of Social Media Headlines. All the crap I had to wade through to find out real news wasn’t worth it.

News is one thing. I also enjoy entertainment articles. Thinking I could slide over the main page and go directly to Entertainment, I was brought down by today’s Entertainment headline:

Here’s what we know about the person who bit Beyoncé.

Does this madness ever end?

I know I know…I brought it on myself. I could have listened to the top 3 news stories on the radio on my way to work and know all I have to know about the world. But sometimes I want a little more.

What is more in today’s world?

Since the time of orators in the middle of Roman squares, people have wanted to know what was going on. Not only about war and crucifixions, but which Roman Senator was dismissed from his duties for actions unbecoming to a Roman Senator.

I admit I like a little gossip in my life. My family life is fantastic, albeit not changing much from day to day. My job borderlines boredom. What gossip there is around the office is lame at best. I hate most TV shows and I’m bored with the book I’m reading.

So what’s wrong with a little news and entertainment in my life?

Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad. For every informational headline there is Tyler Perry reveals the best part of being rich and Did New Mom Kylie Jenner Just Dye Her Hair Blonde? ‘I Think I Was Meant to Be’ She Says.

How those headlines mix with those on sexual harrassment, marriage and divorce I’ll never know.

I think it’s important to keep up on the news, no matter how sickening it is. But there is a line between real news about real situations and who’s tweeting what. Same for entertainment. Or sports.

How do you take your news? How do you balance what you need to know with trash you don’t?

I’m going to do my best to keep away from the junk. It only pumps me up. I’ll glance over the words if I have to, looking out for key words if I don’t. But I don’t know how long I can keep it up.  I am weak.

Tell me how you do it.



17 thoughts on “How Do You Do It?

  1. When I’m not at work bored is never a part of my vocabulary either! Maybe I’m just daydreaming until I retire in December.


  2. I don’t know what bored feels like, I always have a book in my handbag in case I have to wait for a while and I love to watch and observe 😀


  3. My company folded when my oldest was born. So I went to part time at night. Then my second was born, and we decided to open a bed and breakfast in Wisconsin. I have never been on the financial road to success with my jobs, but I’m not sorry I took all that time off. And now that I’m older I don’t need all the gossip and nonsense to keep me going. I’m just trying not to be bored.


  4. I worked a few years for a bank full time as a secretary so I know the difference between a full time job at the office and a full time job as an independant at home and able to choose my own workingtimes, it had advantages…I couldn’t have done the bank job and raise kids so I am glad I did what I did.


  5. That’s when I usually catch the headlines…break time, lunch time…I’m too busy the rest of the day and evening. I think I’ve just got to be better at skimming headlines!


  6. When I was working as a beautician I always had a bit of time between 2 clients, not enough to do something in the household but looking on the computer to the headlines in the papers was ideal 😀


  7. I must admit I don’t get this way during the spring summer and fall months. When the weather is nice I’m usually outside..even if for a 10 minute work break. And when I’m home on working on my computer, I never even blink at the headlines. I’m off to writing or finding new artists or designing something. It’s boredom, it is…work boredom. Something I can work with!


  8. As I said to Ivor, I think its the work break blues. Filling up those 10 minutes with random surfing over the junk. Now that the weather is better I think I will spend those minutes outside. I need the breeze to blow the junk from my head.

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  9. I think it’s the work break blues. When I’m home I don’t bother with that crap — when I turn on my computer it’s to work or find new artists or whatever. I NEVER bother with the news. It’s the breaks and lunch at work that bore me to death. Now that the weather is warmer, though, I think walking outside would be much more beneficial than finding out who bit Beyonce.


  10. Oh yes Claudia, it’s mind boggling garbage, and I’ve learnt to ignore all of it now, I’m using Instagram for my photos, I talk to friends on Messenger, and I’m doing little on FB, post some of my poems there, and I post an occasional interesting article. and of course I’m very busy on WP. Basically I’m out of the social news, which totally bores me.


  11. I try to stay away from the junk. If there’s too much showing up in my FB timeline, I unfollow the source. I’ll skim headlines from USA Today, and even those are too much at times. I used to be a news junkie, but lately I’ve found I want to avoid it. But like you, I think it’s important we know what’s going on in the world, so I try to approach it in bits and pieces.


  12. I rarely look at the news on tv as I find the reporters ask stupid questions and the people who are interviewed rarely answer the questions asked. The news is too violent for me. I look at the headlines of the newspapers in my country, the BBC and CNN so I know what is going on in the world but I don’t need to see the video’s they show. I think a lot of what they show us on the news and in the papers is what they want (politicians) want us to see and not always the truth or the whole truth. And I am not at all interested in VIP’s; what they do or eat or wear….I prefer looking at beautiful pictures, read books and I try to help people where I can.


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