Spring is Here

By the time you read this, Spring will be officially here (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere…you southerners have had it long enough!)

One of the parts of being old that I really love is that I can start to say, “I remember when…” I do that alot. But I digress. But I remember when I was younger that winters were more winter-like. We froze from December until March, feets of snow (is there such a phrase?), dug out every other week, and had a jolly old time jumping off roofs into the huge snowbanks. Now we get snow and after a few days it’s nothing but dirty mush. What fun is that?

I must admit we have some odd habits here in the middle of the U.S.

The first sign of spring around here is when you spot people in sweatshirts and shorts. I don’t know — I think it’s a Wisconsin thing. But it can be 40 degrees out and everybody’s in shorts. Not yet t-shirt weather, they make due with sweatshirts.

The number of joggers/walkers/runners seem to increase the day it turns 45 too. Although the ranks thin out during the summer, I applaud those who run through the puddles of melted snow just to make it around the block.

Starting the first week in April our stores are jammed with perfectly amazing plants and trees for your garden. Of course, they never look as fresh and blooming when you get them home as they do hanging on the Walmart rack, but hey! You can do it too! The ground is usually still frozen in the beginning of April, though, so that just means you have to prevent all your flowering gems from wilting or frosting by keeping them inside the back door until thaw time.

I myself am the harbinger of the other spring past time — driving with the window open, blasting music to beat the band. I have been known to open the window at 40 degrees, even 37 if it’s sunny and there is no wind. I just crank up the heater by my feet a little, and pretend I’m in a convertible.

Spring is the time to air out your car, your clothes, and your lungs. It’s the time I want to quit my job, go wandering hither and tither, lunch on the hill, put my toes in the lake, watch the moonrise, stay up until 3 am, then sleep in. Of course, I don’t have a hill or a lake or an open view of the moon.

But there is something about the first warm day after a long, long winter than makes new life possible. I don’t know how many springs I have left, but know that as soon as it’s 50 I’m grabbing my shorts and sweatshirt and jogging around the block.

What do you do when spring comes?

12 thoughts on “Spring is Here

  1. Plants in full soil are easier to keep instead of plants in pots, and plants in the shade don’t need as much water as plants in full sun and you can also choose for plants who like drought….I haven’t got a clue what your wheather is like in Summer.


  2. You are so cool! I get all excited about plants in spring but then I don’t spend enough time with them to pamper them like I should. I keep saying this year I’m going to do nothing but play with my plants, but it hasn’t happened yet!


  3. I go crazy on the plants but I wait till May as it can freeze at night till mid May but as the weather starts being softer I go to the green house and make plans for what I want to grow there. I can’t wait as my fingers start to itch !


  4. I live in Wisconsin too and this past Sunday it was 45 and I turned off my heat and opened the windows for a couple of hours just to get some fresh air! Too funny. Thanks for making me smile today


  5. I’m so ready for spring! We still have a lot of snow and slush from the big storm we had two weeks ago. When the ice has sufficiently receded, and it stays light past 7:00 pm, I will be resuming my evening walks. I really enjoy that 90 minutes or so daily, of being outdoors.


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