Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Daniele Barresi

Daniele Barresi is an award winning carving designer originating from Italy who now resides in Sydney, Australia.

He is world renown for his extraordinary artistic carving abilities involving a range of mediums including but not limited to fruits, vegetables, cheeses and soaps.

From a young age having spent most of his life living in a small beautiful town in Italy, it was natural for Daniele to explore his local town and surroundings that gave him inspiration in which fueled his imagination to create art in the form of carving.

As he grew so did his skills and techniques in which he uses to create the extraordinary designs you see today.

The artist currently does commissions for special events and also teaches carving classes in Sydney showing students how to carve designs into various mediums as well as how to use assorted carving tools like knives, pens, peel zesters, melon ballers and more.

Each piece he carves is more intricate and delicate than the previous one.

More of Daniele Barresi’s amazing carvings can be found at

13 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Art Gallery — Daniele Barresi

  1. How they can do this is beyond me !! And it only last for a short while !!!!But it is absolutely wonderfull !!!!!


  2. The unending variety of materials used by artists never fails to amaze me. That some use perishable items, such as ice, fruit, or butter, means that the actual pieces will only be enjoyed in photographs by most.


    1. That is what I’m finding. Art used to be paint on canvas, or bronze statues or ceramic sculptures. Now days there are so many variations it makes my head spin! And food art is one of them. Thank you for stopping by!


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