You’re A Writer, Huh?

Happy Saturday Y’all!

Warmth came to Wisconsin today, teasing us with sunshine and soft breezes. Makes us think Spring is here. But we know better…

So sitting down to write (and I don’t mean commenting on others blogs or chatting of Facebook) it came to me.

Does your mate/friends/family ever ask to see your writing?

I use writing as the subject because people can always peek into your studio to see what you’re painting, or what you’re making with your beads covering half the kitchen table.

Writing is different.

They’d have to turn on your computer, go to your files, click on what you’ve written, and sit and read with the computer on their lap.

That’s too much work for most.

Now I don’t mean do your friends and family support you — I think in one way or another they understand your craft and are happy that you are happy.

But do they ever sit down next to you and ask what you’re writing? Ask to read anything you’ve written in the past the last 20 years?

Writing is a funny business. The minute you write anything more than a paragraph you are an AUTHOR. Yet if you are not published anywhere that AUTHOR title doesn’t feel right. I wonder if I were to publish a bunch of books would my kids bust down the door and grab the computer and see what’s next.

I doubt it.

As I’ve said many times in blogs through the years, I love my hubby to death and back. Same with my boys, my grandkids, my best friends, my cats…I want them to be who they want to be. Financial Manager, Daycare Director — it doesn’t matter.

I’d just like them to want to read my rambling once in a while.

Maybe writing is more a personal things. I don’t know how many people beat the door down to read J.K. Rowlings or Steven King’s next book. Maybe they had to get their prose and poetry to someone who could pass it along to the world.

My family knows I write. Knows I have two sets of novels written, along with dozens of short stories and poems. But they never go further than “hows the writing going, mom?” My husband isn’t literary in that sense, so I can’t expect him to glom over every  chapter.

Maybe that’s okay. These worlds I create of mostly for me anyway. Maybe I’ll take the next step to get published, maybe I won’t. But I will keep the fire burning for no other reason than to keep the synapses firing.

So if you have a friend that writes, ask them about their writing. Ask to read their writing. Sit down and write with them. Don’t keep your distance just because you’re not a writer.

You can also be a learner.

And for you writers, keep on writing. You are an AUTHOR.

27 thoughts on “You’re A Writer, Huh?

  1. It’s very helpful. Until they’ve read it as many times as we’ve written it. 😉


  2. I think that’s a great idea. We do need a fresh pair of eyes. No matter how many times we go over our work, it’s good to have someone read it who doesn’t know the final chapter like we do!


  3. I tend to make the people closest to me read what I’ve written, when I have a completed draft. That gives me time to forget what happened so I can edit with a fresh pair of eyes.


  4. All written and writing should be from the heart ❤️ otherwise it’s only powerless words nice thought to make one better


  5. I tell you what. I’ve been going through a mid life crisis for 15 years. Even longer. I’m 65 and always feel a need to express myself, and since I don’t do fashion or the blue ribbon for my apple pie, I stick with what I know. And love. And don’t worry about the “interesting” — my husband says the same thing, except for he adds “Its you.”


  6. I’m so glad you are not jealous of your creative husband. I don’t necessarily think creative couples are always in competition, but I don’t know. I know how competitive my own kids are when like meets like. And Gwennie — do that book. I’m not kidding. Your images are amazing. And to really talk about the nature of the plants — you’re a natural. DO IT!


  7. I wish I could write a good book (novel, detective, romance…)but I know I can’t but I am not jealous aboutmy husbands writing. I have other talents haha :D:D. If I ever start writing a book it will be about the flowers and plants I have experience with as I have read so many of these books and none of them have all the information you really need for “that” plant so I am playing with the idea of writing about 50 plants or so and give “all” the information about it, the good and the bad and the ughly cos all plants look smashing but not all year through. And I think plants are good for the soul ! We need them like we need food !


  8. I just shared my blog with my family for the first time, my mom said it was “interesting” and silence from the rest. But, eh, I do this for me. They think I’m going through a mid life crises maybe. If this is a mid life crisis I have to say it’s not so bad.


  9. Yes yes yes! Just a little validation, if you please. I’m always telling everyone else how great they are at whatever. It’s hard to be the only one to validate your work. I don’t mind, because thats the way it is. But it feels good whenever I reread something I wrote and often say “wow..did I write that?”


  10. That was the other point I was going to make before I forgot. (ha) If your other friend/mate/family relation is in the same field as you, i.e., writing, do you get jealous of their talent? Does one feel just a little competition when you’re both writing? I don’t have to worry about that — I’m nowhere near another writer…


  11. That’s what I mean. It doesn’t mean people don’t know you’re a writer, and they do care. But sometimes it’s nice when someone reads what you write. My family doesn’t even read my blogs very often. But that’s okay — I love them anyway.But they’re missing out…

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  12. Thank you Claudia, what an interesting article you’ve posted today. And now you’ve got me pondering, I can’t really think of anyone, friend or family, who actually asked me about what I’m writing, or whether they wanted to see some of my pieces, or even take some of my poems home to read. I suppose they think it’s my secret little domain/world, and they don’t want to be intrusive, or maybe they’re not really interested in what I’m doing….. hmmm…. now I’m wondering……. I’ve always got a few printed poems in my pocket, that I often show around, but nobody asks for a poem from me. maybe I’ll ask people I know, why not !!….. Anyhow I do like to go to my poetry group, where I am asked, “What have got for us this week Ivor” xx


  13. My family has no interest in what I write. I’m very ok with that. It’s easier to mock them if I know they don’t read


  14. My husband is a writer and I am the first to read what he has written, weather it is a book or an article but he wants it to be finnished first before I get to read it and give my comments. Have a great weekend Claudia !!


  15. Boy, I thought I was alone in the (mostly) indifferent feelings of my family and friends toward my writing. Some might actually read what I write occasionally, but for the most part, are disinterested. As you said, they are happy that it makes me happy, but it would be nice to discuss ideas and themes with another.


  16. I totally relate to this! It is rare that my children or grandkids want to see anything I have written, but my daughter does go to my blog occasionally and comment there. That’s reassuring. I capture my husband at the breakfast table and read to this captured audience every other week before I go to our local Writers’ Group meeting. Do you have a group of fellow writers with whom to share your writing? It’s so helpful… and edifying. If you don’t, I recommend you start a group. There are between 4 and 8 of us who meet every 1st and 3rd Friday in the Fireside Room at a local bank (God bless ’em for allowing us to use their space). We begin each meeting with a writing prompt and free write for about 15 minutes. Everyone shares his/her creative effort. Then we take turns sharing something we worked on in the last couple of weeks, trying to bring copies of it for everyone to see as well as hear – and we invite accolades or constructive criticism. I love my Writers’ Group! Some are published. One has a publishing company. Some, like myself are writer wanna-be’s who do it because we love to do it… and like you, we want to keep the synapses firing. WordPress is a wonderful outlet. I love reading your creative endeavors, Claudia.


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