I’ve Got a Secret (Song)

Secrets. We all have them.

Maybe they’re more like moments. Moments we never talk about. Most of them don’t mean a thing. But others…

I was driving to work the other day when I heard the lyrics of the song below,  and it zapped my emotions. It was a song that had meaning only to me. A moment in time sort of thing .  But it has to do with a moment that I don’t share.

Soooo…I was wondering. Some of you must have moments you don’t tell for one reason or another that are brought back to mind every time you hear something familiar.

Is there any quote, any line from a movie, any lyrics from a song, that have a special meaning to you and only you? Something that, every time you hear it, a “ping” runs through you, reminding you of that “moment”?

Alrighty, then! Here’s your chance to share your secret moment through a song or a poem or a quote from a movie. Tell us! We don’t have any idea what the secret is, nor do we want to know. I/we just want you to get it off your chest once and for all!

If you always wanted to tell someone something…here’s your chance.

I know I feel better…

I’ll go first.


When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown
The dream is gone
(I have become comfortably numb)

Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd


Your turn….


14 thoughts on “I’ve Got a Secret (Song)

  1. Great quote! An IDCAS takes copy (ususally from a catalog), codes it, and puts it into a data system. I am also a media writer, something I’m pushing to do full time. One never knows..

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  2. And in all the times I let you in
    Just for you to go again
    Disappear when you come back
    Everything is better

    Taylor Swift “The Last Time”


  3. I’ve got a couple for you Claudia, the first one from 48 years ago,
    Your not a ship to carry my life.
    You are nailed to my love in many lonely nights
    I’ve strayed from the cottages and found myself here
    For I need your love, your love protects my fears.
    I Need You To Turn To, Elton John. 1970

    The second one, from 8 years ago,
    Oh, I’ll never get to that star
    But I’ve seen the universe in a blade of grass
    The Lonely Maze, Sean Rowe. 2012

    I’ve probably played both of these incredible songs, thousands of times, hehe, if not more xx


  4. “I’ll be loving you, always. With a love that’s true, always” etc. by Patsy Cline
    Thought I could do it without crying ——-I was wrong


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