I just came back from an Evening in Paris. Walked the back streets until I came upon this little bistro. I sat outside at a little wrought iron table under an umbrella, for it was raining. The lights of the Eiffel Tower sparkled through the misty rain, a constant vigil in the Paris skyline. Down the street a door opened and the sweet strains of La Vie En Rose poured out, completing the night.

Actually, I was downloading some images for a future Eiffel Tower Gallery and kept coming across pictures of Paris at night.

I wasn’t always a dreamer of French bistros and cathedrals. My desires have always been towards the green hills of Ireland and the rolling towns of England. But the last few years have drawn me to the romantic notions of Pariee…the museums, the small restaurants, French wine, croissants, fashion,  café au lait, parks, romantic side streets…I mean, I could stay for a month.

Perhaps I’ve watched “Midnight in Paris” too many times. Or “An American in Paris.” Movies always make places seem more magical than they really are.

But I don’t think it’s the same with Paris. I think there’s always been magic there. From the time of Louis XIV and Versailles to the rolling wine country of Bordeaux and Champagne, there is always something about another world that is full of mystery and atmosphere.

I don’t think I’ll ever travel to Paris — with grandkids and mortgages and who knows what else, I don’t think this is on my husband’s top 10 places to visit before he dies. And anyway, I doubt anyone would want to do the kind of wandering I’d be inclined to do (the pretzel kind).

One thing that has danced on the outside of my thoughts is to write a story about Paris. I haven’t been in the mood to finish my third novel (or anything else lately), but the thought of a middle-aged woman finding intrigue and freedom in a strange and beautiful city…

Ah, but how can I write about a place I’ve never been?

Well, I’ve never been to 1885 Claremont, Wisconsin or Veii, Etruria either. And I survived those uncharted worlds just fine.

If you want to write about something you know nothing about, write. Take a chance. Let your mind wander past the 25-mile circle you call home. You never know…

Maybe we will meet at  Le Recruitement Cafe one evening. 36 boulevard la Tour Maubourg, 75007 Paris. I will have to astral travel, but hey…I’ll be there…







27 thoughts on “Ahhh….Paris

  1. I once had a coffee (really, not a fantasy) at that pub “Le Recrutement”, mainly to get in out of the rain. It’s a rugby-themed pub but very friendly, even to someone like me who doesn’t have a clue about rugby.


  2. I believe you are right. The fact is I doubt if I’m going to travel much in the future, but there is a world out there that has been covered in unique ways by others. And reading is the next best thing to being there. Thank you for your advice!


  3. Hi Claudia — I worked with an Irishman in Hong Kong who once gave me some excellent advice. He ssaid “Thinking is the best way to travel.” While I’ve been fortunate to travel I’m sure you can stretch your imagination to anywhere you’d like. Paris is a fantastic place to begin, and I’d love to read more about your own travels. Enjoy them all, my friend.


  4. Beautifully written, you took me to Paris without even having gone there yourself.
    I am in love with Paris, it really does feel like it seems in the movies; I can hardly keep away, I go every year (and planning my next trip already)! If you do get the chance then you should definitely go but if not, please do write about Paris because you have a talent and it should be shared with the world.


  5. If you are in love, Paris is just as romantic as you’d imagine (and probably some). Being from the US it’s probably a very interesting experience for you as the architecture and the people and the nightlife and all the wine drinking feel so different from other places I’ve seen. I’m sure you’d love it and I would put Paris on my bucket list!


  6. I am so happy to hear you say that! Being from the midwest, the closest I’ll ever get is Paris in Las Vegas. It just seems that it’s a different world over there, one that many of us romanticize. You make me feel I don’t have to romanticize at all!

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  7. I love Paris so much. It’s a city I could travel to again and again. I wish I spoke French and stay longer. It’s just a lovely place!


  8. Ahh Paris, a wonderful city ! It’s about 400 km from where we live so I have been there several times (and it is not far from Italy :D) I so hope you’ll get there one day !!! Happy Valentines !


  9. Hahaha! Dom Clump! He’s in there a few times! And thanks for the encouragement…I just might try. Maybe I’ll try a murder mystery. I’m not very good at those, but in Paris…who knows….

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  10. Oh well, thanks for checking. My comment is gone forever now… 😁 Essentially it said thanks to the internet, Google Maps, and Google Earth, it’s much easier to write about places we’ve never been to nowadays, so if you want to write a story or book with Paris as a setting, I say go for it!

    And say hi to Dom Clump for me. 😉


  11. Cleverly interesting Claudia, you had me there at the start. But I’m sure you would’ve told me if you were traveling and invited me along. Yes, I travel everywhere in my dreams, to the stars and beyond. xx


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