Have A Mishmash In Your Head?

A mishmash of thoughts this Monday evening….

It has been five days since I made the vow to dump sensationalized social media. I am happy to report that I haven’t a clue as to what Trump is tweeting nor what Kim Kardashian is saying about her mother/sister/husband. It is refreshing.

I am watching the movie Gladiator. It is an epic production, but all the killing makes me sad. Oh, it’s only a movie, but it’s based on a truth. How many people have died in one war or another? And I’m not just talking about the United States. The Mongol Conquests took 34,641,016+; Spanish Conquest of the Aztec World, 24,300,000+, and back home, World War II, 36,696,798+. (statistics from Wikipedia.) There is no glory in war. When will the world learn this?

I have lost the buzz to write. Is it the weather? Is it that I’m tired when I get home from work? Have I given up? I would say this happens to everyone now and then, but at this moment, I don’t care. And that’s what’s not good. I’ve left my heroine on a parallel planet pregnant with the king’s child, not married, someone trying to kill her, and the edge of the world is crumbling. Why can’t I get going on this? 

I love my cats and like my dog, but I have been a crazy person lately babysitting my brother-in-law’s yappy dog. And over the weekend my son’s dog, too. I am feeling so anti-pet lately…is that because I’m getting old? Tired of dogs and cats sleeping on my bed so I can’t turn over? Tired of their meowing because they’re hungry or bored? I do admit my patience is thinning the older I get. Just trying to keep my cool. .

Do you go through grandparent withdrawal? Do you pace the floor and count the days until you can next get together? My heart hurts for those of you who live far from your grandbabies. Even if they’re in high school or college, they’re still your grandbabes. What wonderful, naughty, childish things you do when you are together! Sit on the floor (and can’t get up), ride a bike (better get a helmet and shin guards), play baseball (can’t catch but, oh well..), eat ice cream cones (one scoop or two?) I’m rested and ready.

Do you like the winter? The gentle sparkle of falling flakes, the laughter of children playing in the snow, fireplaces and hot chocolate, snuggles and cuddles and crisp cold air that brings a hard blush to your face?

I don’t either. Come on Spring!


11 thoughts on “Have A Mishmash In Your Head?

  1. I really enjoy reading your thoughts and how you write them. And look, I am following you, too 🙂 ❤


  2. I think moaning is a way of relieving stress, and we all have too much of that, haven’t we ?? ! Ha !


  3. If I see what went on in the middle ages or earlier, all that killing !!!!!I like to see movies and documentaries about life in those ages but not the killings, I also never ever watch something about WWI &WW2, unfortunately the killings go on today, so many warzones, but the weapons are different, only the reason why remains the same: power and religion !!! And I hate Winters !! Oh dear, we are having “30 days without moaning” here in Belgium oeps 😀


  4. Hahaha, I do love the snow-I live in North Carolina so we don’t get much. However, I must admit I’m ready for spring.

    We are picking up our grandson this weekend. He is a four year old energizer bunny who doesn’t take naps. While I’m smiling and excited, I also no I’ll be ready to drop him off on Sunday. He definitely wears us out. We will miss him and look forward to the next weekend we get him. And yes, I get down on the floor and can’t get up 🙂 (Okay that was an exaggeration but it is hard to get up :-). )


  5. I’m gald you’re still not watching/reading the social crap, you’re missing absolutely nothing. And as for war, it’s a terrible thing, … Is there a back part to the front line, that’s my spot…. And I think your winter has caught up with your oldish self, hehe, yep you need to be watered with warming spring sunshine. Cheers.


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