Christmas is Every Day

How are you handling the holidays?

I myself am not yet “into” them. I feel like Ebeneezer Scrouge bah-humbuging everything. Not that I don’t make the birth of Christ a big deal — it’s just that his birthday has become so commercialized. You wind up feeling like a loser if you don’t buy kids the hottest and most expensive things TV can offer. Ok, I’m really not that bad — but I do think the pressure to perform over the holidays is too much.

You see, I would give my grandson that Nerf gun next week. I’d give my cousin that movie tomorrow. I don’t need a reason or time frame to give gifts.

I guess that’s built up on my ramjam belief that Christmas is every day to me. I see my youngest grandson smile up at me and feel that is a gift. I watch my deskmate conquer a tough project and that’s tinsel on my tree. I go to the doctor and get a good checkup and that is every gift anyone could put under my tree.

I don’t like that there is a special day set aside for eating together as a family or singing songs together or wrapping and opening presents. Christmas is a celebration of new life. Of new hope. It’s about a baby and a mother who had a hard time finding a place to stay and an ethereal figure who made her with child.

The problem with celebrating this or that religious holiday is that none of them match. Was He Jewish? Muslim? Anglo-Saxon?

Celebrate Christmas every day. Thank God, the Goddess, Allah, anyone you want that you have been given another day to make someone smile.  Give the gift of yourself. Help those who need your help. If you have the means, buy gifts for your loved ones on December 25 and August 14 and February 2 and July 23.  Don’t save your love and family dinners and presents for one day a year.

Because that “day” is every day.

18 thoughts on “Christmas is Every Day

  1. See…everyone celebrates something else. And commercialism makes you think their way is the only way. I love hearing about other traditions. Shows me there is no one way to believe and celebrate. I’m sorry our Santa bullied his way around your St. Nick…


  2. Thank you for commenting! I think I hammer that thought into everyone’s brain because so often we take every day for granted. I know I did. Not any more.


  3. Ah, that’s the way I feel too, I am a hater of commercialism to start, they basically treat you as if your brain dead. And I so much like to keep Christmas a simple and peaceful affair, and as remembrance day, for the ones we’ve lost. I do enjoy our family get together, my siblings all live away from me, and this year Christmas dinner is here at my new little abode. And yes, every day is loving day, and I’m loving writing and chatting to you my friend.


  4. I totally agree with you on this, Christmas is far too commercialised, that is one of the reasons I prefer Easter. Did you know we have no Santa over here ? We have St Nicolas instead on December 6th. But alas alas commerce brought also Santa to Belgium for those who do not celebrate St Nicolas…..


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