The Last Full Moon

Tonight is autumn’s final dance. The temperature here in Wisconsin is a balmy 55, the night is cloudy, the wind is making my windchimes dance the tarantella. It is a night for dreams, for wishes. The last full moon was rising at 5:48 p.m. It was to be a spectacular ending to an enchanting night. It was cloudy, but I was going to go to the back fence and watch it rise.

But I didn’t.

I hate when I don’t follow through on what I dream about. There were excuses, of course. It was very dark. It was very overcast. And I had to walk through this little path through my back woods. My property is half woods, half open fields. It’s all actually “fenced in”, but the fences are so far spaced it seems like its all free around me.

I can brush off most of the excuses as lame. The moonrise may be bright enough to burn through the clouds. I could use my phone as a flashlight. The one excuse I could not get over was walking through the woods. At night. In the dark.

I’ve written blogs before about this (some say irrational) fear of walking through the woods at night. My husband and boys are hunters and walk through strange woods all the time. And besides — this is my property! Not in the middle of nowhere — there are families on either side, barbed wire in the distance.

I know mother nature is with me. Faeries protect me. Elves watch over me.

Blah Blah Blah.

It’s still dark, you can’t see three feet in front of you, and I’m a short, wimpy granny. I’m not a match for deer, dog, or demon, or a wayward creep hiding by the back gate. My imagination takes me all over the place. You can imagine where it takes me when I’m by myself.

If I can imagine creepy crawlies and djinns and spirits in my stories, you can imagine what awaits in my own backyard. I envy those free spirits that walk the fields and valleys and watersides all alone, one with the Earth, the stars and the mysteries of life. I have to do all of that looking off the deck.

So I pass on the things that creep me out, especially when I’m all alone. I’ll wait until spring when the sun sets at 7 or 8 to watch the moon in all her glory. I will continue to read and write and use my imagination to its fullest.

For now it will be from my livingroom sofa.

PS  The moon’s not out. And it’s raining. I voiced all this angst for nothing.

19 thoughts on “The Last Full Moon

  1. I did get a chance to see it last night, but it wasn’t full and I wasn’t going down the path. I could see it quite well from the top of my driveway. But I love to see it when it first peeks over the’s so huge and orange and magical!


  2. I thought about taking my dog, but she is squirrelly and too pumped up…she would either pull me into a tree (she has one speed..go) or if I left her off the leash she’d be in the next county. I know there’s nothing to be afraid of, but, just in case….maybe I should have taken the cat.

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  3. Oh I only wish! That would be such a great thing to hang in the back where no one can see it unless they come upon it! Maybe I’ll have to try and make one in the spring…in the light…


  4. Oh, I’m so glad you do! I hate feeling like a scardy cat, because the rising of the moon over the field in the back is sumptuous. I’ve done it a couple of times through the years. But it was earlier in the evening when I could see into the woods and the field beyond. At least we partake from a perch outside…that’s safe…
    Thank you!!

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  5. Is it your scarecrow ? Love him !!! Going outside in the dark ?? alone ?? in the woods ?? not me !!! (I watch a lot of detective series :D)


  6. I know those windy nights, when the mind is full of a mixture of tricks and practical knowledge of what could be out there. Having lived remote for decades, I’ve had to go down those paths with a flashlight many times, always wary. Your post really captures the atmosphere and unease that can be felt even indoors on certain nights when you just wonder, what’s out there? Really enjoyed this!

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  7. My dogs help to give me courage when I venture out at night. Except that one time I was chasing a thunderstorm and ventured beyond their invisible perimeter…yep I know what you mean.


  8. Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Fun and Joyous Holiday Season and a wonderful new 2018. 🤗🥃🍹🍸🍷🎉🥂🤶🎅🎀☃️🌹


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