Binging in the Dark

We all have our guilty pleasures…dark chocolate parfaits with whipped cream, bubble baths and massages, a third helping of Thanksgiving stuffing.

As the cold wavers into the early evening and night, I am enjoying my own guilty pleasure…binge watching.

Come on — don’t tell me that you haven’t watched the same movie two or three weeks in a row. I remember when A Hard Day’s Night with my forever loves the Beatles came to the theater — I watched it three times a day, Saturday and Sunday, two weeks in a row.

Now that’s binging.

I’m quite a bit older than that innocent girl of yore, but I still enjoy watching episode after episode. A bathroom break or cookie break is all I allow when I’m caught up in love triangles and alien invasions and different factions fighting for the Throne of Swords.

I get in these — moods is too soft a term — spells is more like it — where all I want to do is see what happens next. I’ll watch one episode of Stranger Things and find myself saying “one more episode” then “one more episode” until its 1 a.m. and I’ve watched the whole series. Or Game of Thrones. I mean, how can I not find out who captured who? Who stabbed who? Who fooled around with who? The next episode just might tell me!

I look at it as visual books. Okay, so the texts aren’t as deep, as verbose, as a book. But there is character development (what about the shadow monster in the young boy?) There is romance (will Jon Stark and Daenerys ever get together?) There is mystery (is Redington Liz’s father?) There’s enough to keep me awake for hours!

I suppose I really should be writing or cleaning, but I am convinced I am learning something by binging on my favorite movies/TV shows. I have learned so many things…like don’t feed a creature that looks like a slug because it’s probably an alien; don’t walk into dark tunnels; don’t become involved with a Dothraki, and don’t be the first to have sex in a horror movie.

These are things that I might need on future quests. Future stories. Future time travels. You know — all those things us senile old women do in our spare time.

I tell you — it sure beats the hell out of the 9-5 gig….



9 thoughts on “Binging in the Dark

  1. Oh you are so right! And with the magic (and extra few dollars) for Netflix or Amazon you can binge watch 10 in a row! (with a food and bathroom break now and then)


  2. Remember the prime time soap “Dynasty” ?
    Hetty and I have been binging on it for the past few months. We are now on season 8 of 9.
    I is so homey that it’s great fun. And social issues and the way we treat them have sure changed since the 70’s. All in good fun. Nothing like a good binge.


  3. Ha! That’s what I fear too! But look at it this way — there are millions of books to choose from and almost as many TV shows and movies — think of all you’ll learn!


  4. My husband and I have been watching replays of Last Man Standing episodes that are shown on the Hallmark Channel for months now. It’s like visiting with family. It’s on every evening at dinner time – about 3 episodes each night. We’ve seen all the episodes multiple times but never seem to let it go. Right now the Hallmark Channel has replaced these with Christmas movies – which we also love – and I know we’ll watch LMS again when it’s back.
    That’s not exactly binge watching (I’ve done that too. I clearly remember having to go back and watch 3 seasons of Once Upon A Time. My husband and I couldn’t stop ourselves until we caught up – I think it might have been a snow storm too – woo hoo).
    The puzzle is that when I do retire I look forward to more uninterrupted time for book, TV and computer and I also fear that that I will just sit around and read, watch TV and compute.


  5. Entertaining ourselves, and making ourselves happy, is so very important for the mental well being of ourselves, which in turn helps maintain a peaceful soul…… haha, Sir Ivor, Lord of Word Wizardry being all philosophical….Keep enjoying those movie binges and have fun.

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