I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues….(Elton baby)

How do you deal with the blues?

You know — those navy, cornflower, turquoise kind of blue days where nothing seems to go quite right. Not even the lure of editing and/or writing something new seems to interest me. TV? Blah…too much drama. Reading? Not in the mood. Writing? Not inspired.

I’ve changed my diet, walk a little more, try and get to bed before 11 pm (another story), and yet I sometimes get these hates coming on. Now, I don’t hate anybody (well..maybe just one person). Hate is a wasted emotion with nothing but bad side effects and conclusions in the toilet.

Work is changing big time, and I’m lost in the shuffle. I’m not close enough to retirement to retire, but I hate the idea of sitting at a desk putting data in the computer 8 hours a day for the next 1-1/2 years. I come home from work and the grumpies follow. The stupid Netflix keeps timing out. There’s a sink of dishes to do. Blah Blah Blah.

Then I talk to friends who have real issues. Illness, custody battles, unemployment, and I refocus. I’d rather listen and help them than listen and help myself. It’s a tough world out there, and we all deserve medals for making it through with the battle scars we have.

Maybe it’s just the changing seasons that are trying to pull me down. I’ve never been affected by the seasons, but hey — I’ve never had these many hot flashes, either. Anything is possible.

So my question to you — what do you do when you get the blues? I’ll take any and ALL suggestions!



9 thoughts on “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues….(Elton baby)

  1. What do I do to chase off the blues? Honestly Claudia, i listen to … the blues! I was lucky enough to be turned on to the blues at a very early age, and it’s always been the music that I turn to during difficult times. I realize it’s not for everybody, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the music one loves can go a long way in turning a blue mood into a good, or at least a better mood.


    1. My hubby loves the blues — I walk into my house after work (my hubby works nights) and the Blues channel on Sirus is on. And I do instantly relax. I try not to listen too TOO many sad songs…those put me back in a funk. But with Buddy Guy and others clicking along, how can I be in a bad mood?


  2. Yes we all get the blues. There’s a few things I might do. You’ll have to pretend it’s the weekend, I don’t work full-time !! Firstly I put my favourite music on. Lie in bed for a while yet.😐 and half daydream, remembering the good the good times, and think of the good times ahead. And then I’ll get up, and focus on Lily, she’s got a bad heart and her end is getting closer, so I give her morning tablets, we have breakfast together, we go outside and potter around.πŸ˜„ in the garden, and then we go for a walk, and Lily makes me smile so much, not a care in the world, she’s so happy to be out and about, such a simple thing , but she couldn’t be more pleased, she’s in extasy, sniffing every blade of grass, she gets left behind, and then suddenly realizes I’ve walked away, and then comes running after me, her little ears flapping and her fluffy tail wagging, she’s an incredible joy to watch, … and now I’ve not a care in the world either β™‘β™‘β™‘


    1. Oh Ivor — that sounds so wonderful. So peaceful. It’s the quiet, simple things that bring peace and love back into the world. And I’m not always blue — just today, with work being so confusing, me still having to work 1-/2 more years, wanting to be more of a writer these last work years than putting numbers in a computer — it’s hard not to let 8 hours a day get to you. But you are right. My cats, my goofy dog, a little walk, good music — I am blue no more!


    1. Your solutions are my solutions! I know once I get away from the daily time clock grind I will be better. Although I know the old adage that new better is never better than current better. (Is that really an old adage?) I shall hit those cookies soon!


      1. Well, you never know, why wouldn’t the new better be better than the current better ???? It is different, thats for sure ! And you can slow down (the young ones think it’s cos of “old age”, but we know better don’t we :D)


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