I’m Published! (Kinda)

I like to say I’m a writer before anything…except being a wife, grandmother, friend, mother-in-law….you know what I mean.

I finished my final edit on my first novel yesterday.

I should be screaming HUZZAH!!

But all I can say is….are you sure it’s the final edit?

Now, that book has been around for 15+ years. Do you know what you were doing 15 years ago? Ha…me neither. Except writing this book. Which was inspired by a role playing world I was involved in 20+Ā  years ago.

Now, less you think I’ve been dickering with this book and this book only for 15 years, I’ve also written its sequel, plus a brand new novel and its sequel.

Why don’t I send it out to publishers/agents?

I’ve been there done that. And the truth is….who knows…maybe in this world of a thousand new books being published per day it doesn’t exactly float the right person’s boat.

So I’ve decided to self publish. Not the big, pay-up-front deals, but some of the smaller pay-as-you-go gigs. I don’t anticipate selling a lot of books, but the reason I want to see my words in print is because I want to give my novels to friends and family so they can see who I really am.

I’ve been a mother, a wife, a secretary, a bed and breakfast owner, an Internet data conversion specialist, a soccer and baseball mom, a grandmother, a sister, a friend. I’ve raised two kids and five dogs and four cats, lived in 7 houses, and two states. I want those I know and love to see my “other” side before it’s too late.

So what is the purpose of today’s blog?

I am not discouraging those of you who have found agents/publishers and been able to get your books out there. That’s what it’s all about. I am not saying don’t keep submitting. The big publishing houses are the way to go if you can get them to notice you.

But what I am ALSO saying is not to wait 15 years like I did to see your work in some place other than a computer screen. Whether you print it out and photocopy it, or go the professional self-publishing route or the simple self-publishing route, don’t wait until your novel is perfect. It’s never going to be.

You are a writer because you love to write. You know you want others to see your passion — that’s why you wrote the damn book. Show it off! Get it out there! Give some copies away for free then talk about them everywhere! Blogs, Twitter, church — it doesn’t matter. FIND A WAY TO GET YOUR WORDS OUT THERE!

Don’t wait for your descendants to publish your work.

They might just change the main character’s name from Anna to Osama.


27 thoughts on “I’m Published! (Kinda)

  1. You are awesome! And I reiterate — if someone has written something, ANYTHING, share it! Publish it if you can, photocopy it if you must. Share your heart’s thoughts any time you can!

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  2. It’s fun out here! You may get published, you may not. The fun is in the writing. I just want to create worlds where the characters do what I want…and finding a way to getting these stories out there is all I want. So come on in! The water’s fine!!!


  3. Thank you for backing me up. I know finding an agent/publisher is every writer’s main goal, but with so many submissions hitting their desk every day, it’s like shooting craps. I tell my friends and family I’ve written 4 books and they wonder why they haven’t read them. I can’t afford $900 and up for self publishing companies, but I can afford some of the cheaper deals and/or just printing it out myself. Good luck on finding an agent!

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  4. Way to go Claudia !! You are a talented writer. Now two of my friends have self published. Perhaps, as I enter my retirement years, I will attempt to do the same. You guys inspire me.


  5. Thank you for your encouragement. I just want to encourage anyone who has an inkling to see their work in print one way or another to just go for it. Often times we wait too long. For many things.

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  6. Thank you Thank you!!! Plus I don’t want to be dead before anyone else reads my writing. I am all for sending out queries, but the grass isn’t getting any greener, and there are so many other books I still want to write. Writing makes me feel good. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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  7. You are such an inspiration! I haven’t bought any books in a loooong time…yours will be my first. I just want my family and friends to see what kind of a writer I am.


  8. This is exciting news, Claudia! There are so many reasons I think that small press and self-publishing provide excellent options these days. Not to detract from traditional publishing routes, but those do tend to take extraordinary amounts of time and effort.


  9. I self-published my first novel 3 years ago. I haven’t regretted it for one minute. My second will be out in about a month. Put it out there! Put yourself out there!


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