#AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek! Finale

I wish I could keep this celebration going on forever! I follow a lot of fun, interesting bloggers, each deserving a direct link for you to dance along.

There are thousands and thousands of bloggers out there. You may follow three or three hundred. The purpose of this made-up week is to encourage you to interact with those who write/paint/travel/share with you. If you like what you read, click that little LIKE button. REALLY like what you read? Drop a comment! We/you/they love to hear back from you!

I love reading your blogs Leah, Ann, Ray, Jackie, Jan, Crissouli, Blue Settia, Walt, d Marie, Suzanne, Patrcia, Mary J, Nick, Marion, Patty, Dawn, Annette, Denise, Jeremiah, CJ, Joel, Jan R, Marie, Norm, Alan, Waterdove, Glorialana, Tess, Gwen, Craig, Pirate Patty, Doug, Craig, Austin, Peter, Anne, and all those names I’ve left out. You all rock! Keep it going! I look forward to following more bloggers, and you should too.

BE a part of the creative world. Appreciate your creative friends this week — and every week!

19 thoughts on “#AppreciateYourCreativeFriendsWeek! Finale

  1. Thank you for including me, Claudia.. I love reading your blogs also… from the ones that make me laugh, to those that make me want to get creative again… and all in between!


    1. You already ARE creative — your blog is only one facet of your sparkling diamond! If you are inclined to write, paint, sketch, whatever — GO FOR IT! We only go one way in life, and there are no repeats. So do what you love!

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      1. i do, my friend, just wish I could find those hidden spare hours in the day to do more… (BTW, I have seven blogs, hence the lack of hours.. and I love writing poetry, which is the basis of one of them..<3)


    1. You know…some of us wonder why we ever started a blog. We hear of those who have tens of thousands of followers, and we wonder what is so special about their word vs our own. I know how much I have enjoyed blogging, and want to encourage others to do so. Whether it’s one follower or a million, it’s what you say that can change a thought, a life. Thank you for being part of my world.

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