Where Have My Bloggers Gone?

admin-ajax-phpMy method of reading/following blogs is of my own design. I don’t read every day, but rather pick an evening and read through as many as I can. Sometimes I click on “Manage” Reader and go through the list of names I’ve followed since I started blogging.

I was kind of sad this evening, for I clicked on a number of names and found a number of people who haven’t written in quite a while.

Where have they gone?

There are millions of bloggers one can follow out there — who knows what prompted me to follow A instead of B. What caught my interest as opposed to those that didn’t. Be honest. You can only read so much, follow so many people. You owe your allegiance, your attention, to the writers you really enjoy.

So what happened to those whose prose I enjoyed? Whose opinions I shared?

I imagine it’s what happens to most of us.


Our career changes, our family changes — our place in the writing world changes. Maybe we have burned out our point-of-view. Maybe our style has changed. We’ve turned into painters our needlepointers or quilters, our creativity exploding in new directions. Maybe we’ve had babies or found a new job. Maybe we’ve moved or got bored or started a new blog somewhere else. I don’t  think about the ultimate reason people have stopped writing….I like to believe in happily ever after. Like being immortal.

I’m always adding new reads to my list — but I do miss the old reads. I understand the need to move on, but I still like to linger in the shadows of the past.

There are times when I get the urge to just stop blogging, too. Like I’ve said all there is to say. That my readers really don’t get much from my writing. Yadda yadda. We all tell ourselves the same crap when we hit that plateau. But I soon come to my senses and see how much my writing in here helps me out there. Because of my continuous writing — here, there, and everywhere — I have become a better writer, and am now being given a chance to write at my place of employment.

Others continue writing because they’ve found redemption, release,  and rebirth through their words. They share information, research, spiritual thoughts, funny stories, poetry, recipes — whatever makes them happy. And we love them for it.

The world of creativity is a huge place. When you close one door, another opens. To those who have moved on from their blogs, go for it. Make your now the best you can make it. To those who are still looking for their place in the writing world, keep on blogging.

And  hey — drop me a line if you come on back.



29 thoughts on “Where Have My Bloggers Gone?

  1. What a great narrative, I’ve often wondered the same thing myself, only to come to the realization that writing is my therapy and conduit to sanity in a world gone mad.


  2. I believe we all deal with the ups and downs of life. I imagine sometime in the future my own interests and aspirations,will change. I’m 64 and pray I have 30 more years to go. We all have our paths to walk, eh? I actually stopped by your blog earlier today, too. Keep your spirit high no matter what.

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  3. Sadly, two of my favorite bloggers died. Several others whose writing I really enjoyed had significant life challenges that impacted their time and commitment to their blogs. I myself find it difficult to create posts when there is a lot on my mind, when I am immersed in politics and all the emotions involved. I want to keep that stuff out of my blog as it does not really fit into my mission statement (sometimes, it sneaks in there anyway). I like that you made the commitment to keep writing, no matter what. It’s a good discipline.


  4. I am so happy to see you again! Let’s just write off 2016 as a year of busy confusion and take off in the spaceship of 2017! Your response gives me energy too. Am looking forward to ALL your posts!


  5. Happy New Year Claudia! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I really enjoy writing blog posts so this year I am going to attempt to be more faithful in posting and changing up my writing style to what my original intentions and natural style are…..as you mention sometimes “LIFE” happens….I had lots of life happening the last few years but feel the urge to give my writing a higher priority, so I enjoyed reading your post here today and I LOVED the cartoon! Take care.


  6. Well, I suppose I can be compared to the dogs in the cartoon. No blog of my own, but lots of “barking” on other peoples blogs. I particularly like yours because people actually comment. I am often annoyed by the “such and such likes this” comments. Why do you like it ? Geez take a minute or two to comment ! However,
    who am I to judge? Perhaps someday I might start my own blog. Until then however, I will keep barking.


  7. I’m so glad to hear you are writing! And I SOOOO hear you about having so many hours in a day. I’ve been working overtime, doing writing all day long, and am exhausted when I get home. So I figure a Sunday Art Blog and a story during the week is about all I can handle. Am looking forward to your return!


  8. Heyy Claudia,

    Hope you’re well. I’ve been busy with life and off social media (which includes blogging) but I’m writing, so I’m not complaining! It’s great for me – you only have limited hours in the day to do things, so might as well prioritise on the things you want to do. Although, I do plan to return to blogging soon. 🙂



  9. I’ll be posting soon. Planning a collaboration with another blogger and also trying to get back into the writing groove. 🙂 If I can get my act together, I’ll post something tonight. LOL


  10. Write what makes you feel good! It doesnt have to be photos…you can write about your day, your dreams, your hobbies…anything! But don’t blog just because someone else wants you to –it has to bring YOU pleasure too! Sending hugs across the airwaves!

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  11. Sorry I’ve been so lax in writing. I haven’t really felt like taking photos of myself, because I haven’t liked myself much lately. Also, my mom passed away a month ago, and that sort-of interrupted any sort of wanting to get back into writing that I had. I’ll try to be better, ’cause I do know that you follow me.


  12. You know, Jan, you were one of the names I checked on. I know we all get busy, focus somewhere else. We NEED to focus on something other than blogging/writing/whatever. If we didn’t our obsession would be the death of us…or at least an illness. I so appreciate your explanation…I know my writing friends are not far away. And when you come back I’ll be right there reading with the rest of them!


  13. How can I not comment? To me that’s the point of blogging. Writing. Reading other people’s thoughts and quirks. You keep on sharing the view out your window, and I’ll be the peeping tom that’s looking in all the time.

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  14. It really is. And I wonder if all the angst about it is worth it. I made up my mind to start sending out query letters for a book I’ve had written for 2 years. Why do I procrastinate? Along with keeping up with blogging and writing for work, I feel adrift sometimes. But I see you on Twitter — that rocks!

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  15. I took a break so I could devote full attention to here-now and face-to-face. Without that focus, I felt my subjects and creativity were stagnating. I’m not finished, just refreshing. Thanks for the encouragement.


  16. I think your way with the English language is far and away your best skill. And you are right — I would wonder if we were the same person 4 years hence…I have about 3-4 ideas for new blogs I don’t have time to create. Not a knitter nor a crochet master, but who knows what lies ahead? Thank you for your bright comment.

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  17. And P.S. Where have you been in my life? I went to your site and read your blogs and you’re great! I’m now a follower — so don’t leave us!


  18. Not quite on point, but I’ll venture. Know that feeling you get when you get a couple of new notebooks. Moleskin, that old fashioned back and white composition thing, sketch pads, or an interesting take on the simple notepad.

    The need to fill ‘em can be pronounced. While writing can always be fresh, how the finished product is presented, especially short informational or personal observations can quickly feel a bit stale. And it sure didn’t help when the quick click “Like” became base interaction.

    Changing themes from time to time, and developing an understanding of basic site content management is helpful when “blogging blues” appear. But even more important, I think the term “blog” should be relegated solely to a noun which denotes a tool. And “post” become the go to nomenclature indicating a writing or writings made public.

    That all torturously said, I wish I had even a modicum of painting or knitting skills. None of my silly ass nom de plumes would have ever played a bard to a Blog.



  19. It’s hard to keep juggling all the balls, isn’t it? For me, I realized if I kept blogging and reading blogs, I couldn’t make the progress on my books I wanted to. Now I slip in and out of the blog world when I can, which is never as often as I’d like.

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