Your Responses To How Much Is Your Writing Worth

Happy Friday All!

This is the kind of blog that is reaffirming to creative people everywhere. Just replace “writing” with “painting” or “sculpting” or “quilting” and you know what this passion is. What it means.

Thank you Carol!

Carol Balawyder

would you still write-

A few weeks ago in response to a post on my blogmany of you commented on whether you would still write even if you won the lottery. The overwhelming response was


If you’re like me (and I’m guessing you are…most of the time) you rarely go back to read posts from fellow bloggers and if you’re one of the first readers of the post you’ve missed a lot of the comments posted there.

Here’s a summary of your comments left on the post How Much Is Your Writing Worth, not only as my way of responding to you but also because your comments illustrate how we all are in the same boat and share the same aspirations about our writing. Although our writing may be different in genre, style and voice we all seem to have this passion for writing.

We write to move others…

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