Stars on Earth

We are all Stars on Earth.

Friendly Fairy Tales

Lit tree with star

You’re a star on the tree,
a light in the long winter darkness,
a beacon for joy and magic.
You’re the reason there’s chocolate,
the purpose to music,
the warp and weft of all weavings.
You put the stars in my eyes,
dance a jig in my thoughts
and bring the warmth I need.
Believe in yourself,
this new year is yours
just as it’s mine.
We both have a place,
a moment in time,
a river that overflows with happy.

Copyright 2015 Brenda Davis Harsham

Note: I wish you all that’s happy, whatever you do or don’t celebrate. We are all brothers and sisters in the mystery of life, all stardust in the universe, all hungry for love and joy. I’ll be taking some time with my family the next few weeks. A million warm holiday hugs!!

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