Sugar Rules!

toonvectors-775-140Alright. I know you will think I lost my middle-aged mind, but stick with me. This will be good.

I was at work the other day, working on elements of our Science catalog, and came across a video on U-Tube advocating classroom experiments with….Madagascar Giant Cockroaches.

Go ahead…shiver, go “eeeewwww!!!”, creep out, rub your arms rapidly (I did), breath quickly, but keep reading.

Now, from all I’ve read and heard, once you get passed the creepiness of a 3 inch cockroach, I understand they are very docile creatures. Clean, unassuming, mind their own business.

First, here’s the link: It’s actually a biology demonstration on what you can do with these hearty creatures.

Now don’t be a baby — put your big girl/boy pants on and take a peek.

Be that as it may, the video I watched was fascinating. After a minute of demo-ing  the kit, the experiment was about cr’s and their preference of cereal. Given a choice between rice cereal and fruity O’s, the c’s went for the O’s. They jawed on the red and green ones, and left the purple and yellows alone. But when introduced to cinnamon crunch, the c’s went crazy, mawing down all the crunches and leaving behind a good deal of the O’s.

The purpose of all of this?

Sugar Rules!

Even the simplest of beings can’t resist a sugar rush. Their DNA and our DNA both have receptacles for sugar. They must! Why else chow down on cinnamon crunch, clean their antennae, and go back home,  leaving the rice puffies for the next group? How can they not find a special place in your heart when they maw down sugar like nobody’s business?

The holidays bombard us with sweet treats from every culture, from every celebration. Those who behave 38 weeks a year can’t say no to snickerdoodles or chocolate-dipped pretzels. And who can resist images of layered tortes and cinnamon braids and peppermint ice cream? Apricot cinnamon crepes and apple pie with ice cream?

These cockroaches know which side of the bread their butter’s on. They don’t think about getting fat or cavities or high blood sugar. Their little primitive brains get one grain of sugar on it and it’s go-go-go till the end.

I’m sure there is a moral to this story. Something about primitive man and insects and the salt of the Earth. But the real message is that these little guys were cool. And one I got over the creeps, it was fun to watch them go for my favorite cereal. If you have 5 minutes, a curiosity for the unusual, and a thing for sugared cereal, you must check out this video.

We are all God’s creatures. And we all love sugar.

Although for now I’ll stick with cats. They love sugar, too.


9 thoughts on “Sugar Rules!

  1. Yes, insects. They were around long before we took our first primitive steps and will be around long after we are gone. Some great Science Fiction stories have been written around this theme. My favorite being an Xfiles episode called “Darkness Falls”. If you like good SciFi, and insects, look it up, it puts us in our place.


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