Tears in Paris

roseinther_qpldklopLife is so special…

Like roses in the rain….


Yesterday I laughed and danced around the thought of becoming French…sitting in a bistro some where, drinking coffee, looking down the road at the Eifel Tower, walking in the Paris rain with a red umbrella.

Today, there are at least 100 people dead on those same Paris streets.

There are no sweet songs in the background, no holding hands walking down the cobblestone streets, no BoHo chic dresses and overpriced perfume like in yesterday’s blog. And I am so, so sad.

What is wrong with people?

People die every day. Cancer kills people. Pneumonia kills people. Car accidents and blot clots and old age kill people.

And for some obscure, nonsensical reason that only extremists know, terrorists kill people, too.

I’ve got news for them.

If they think they do it for the glory of God, God dumped their asses long ago. May their asses burn in Hell.

Praying for peace, understanding, and strength for the dream — and the reality — I call Paris.


6 thoughts on “Tears in Paris

      1. Thank you, friend. But gentle often gives into explosive. I don’t understand the mindset of people like that. Whats so strange, though, is that not even 24 hours ago I was so carefree about the whole Paris thing.


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