8 (more) Granny Rules

CAM00835 (2)I want to start this off by saying how lucky — and I mean lucky — I am to have my oldest son, his pregnant wife, and my 4-year-old grandbaby living with us for a few months. I will never have this opportunity again, so I don’t want to blow it.

Having said that, I have found that when family stays with you (even if it’s for a week or two), the rules as a Granny change. I find I’m not as freebird-ish as I want to be. I have learned that, much to MY chagrin, you have to be respectful of the parents’ wishes, thoughts, and actions.

So for you other present or future grannies and grandpas, here are some rules you should think about.

1.  Bed Time is Bed Time.

Oh, you may be able to squeeze an extra hour out on the weekends, but during the week, there is no watching TV in bed with Granny while eating an ice cream bar or jumping on the bed with the dogs. They need to calm down before sleep time. (So do you!)

2. Bed Time Snacks Are Different.

No more chips and soda before bed; no more cheese sticks and slices of salami, no more Hi-C or Hawaiian Punch cocktails. Pull that apple out from the back of the frig shelf, or pour a bowl of cereal. Act responsible. (Leave the ice cream bars for before YOU go to bed..)

3.  Ask your Mom/Dad

My grandson used to come over and get just about anything he wanted any time he wanted. Now that he’s under closer supervision, I can’t sneak him string cheese or pretzels and peanut butter  instead of dinner. I find myself saying, “Ask your Mother.” I feel like I’m shirking my Granny duties, but it’s better if the stomach aches come from them, not me.

4.  Kids and Pets

I tend to yell at my 3 stupid dogs a lot. I now have to clean up my language and not sound like a truck driver every time the dog pees or poops inside or wraps the leash around my ankle. My grandbaby adds to the furor by picking up my cats around the neck and parading around with them. When the cats have finally had enough, he takes it personally and starts to antagonize them. My language AND my reprimands are a little stronger now days. Not the Granny Way.

5.  Play Age-Approriate Games

Teaching a grandbaby how to use an axe to cut the string on firewood or mowing the lawn with a riding tractor (although grandpa rode on the tractor too) is not what a mother wants to hear. I am always honest with her — much to HER chagrin. While riding down the little hill on a Big Wheels looks as scary as a runaway train, a vigilant grandparent will be there every step of the way. Trust me — past times like coloring and playing with cars don’t hold a candle to a big squirt gun fight.

6.  Give your kids and grandkids space.

It’s fairly easy to trip over each other in one household. Fortunately my husband is gone in the evening and I’m gone during the day, so our 25 minutes of shared daylight doesn’t get in anyone’s way. But once grandpa is gone and I’m home alone with everybody, I tend to start feeling like a sticky note. I believe that evening times are Dad and Mom times, with a little Granny sprinkled in now and then for color. I usually wind up going into my room and writing/watch TV/fold laundry anyway, giving them plenty of time to cuddle as a threesome and talk about me if they want.

7.  No Hands.

And who better to teach a 4-year-old no hands on the roller coaster? Momma and I get sick just looking at them; then there’s Grandpa. And Dad. But Grandpa is the Instigator who looks fear in the eye and laughs at it. (He has a great laugh). If trying something off-center, try and pull one of the parents into it. It’s easier in the long run.

8.  Be honest.

Grannies are always honest…it just doesn’t always seem like it. Most times we are relegated to seeing our grandkids every other weekend, or, sadly, every month or every year. We have to make the most of our time together; after all, we don’t want our grandkids to forget about us once we’re gone. That’s why I tell my grandbaby (and my kids, but to a lesser degree), how much I love them, how much I miss them when they’re gone, how much I can’t wait to see them the next time. We plan things that might not come to fruition, but it’s the fun and love in planning that makes the difference.  I wear my love on my sleeve. And don’t regret the shredded mess at all.


We’re going to have another addition to our family in a few months. I have found as a mother myself that it’s easier to let go (to grandparents) by the time the second one comes along. Parents realize that their parents aren’t one step from the looney bin, they’re not Charles Manson followers, and the craziness that occurs is more in the mind than in reality.

Soon we will have TWO kids to spoil. My kids won’t be living with us by then.

Momma — watch out. Granny’s coming —


12 thoughts on “8 (more) Granny Rules

  1. You make me feel great! It’s lunch time, and I am soooo overtired, yet I was contemplating swinging my grandson on the tire swing (OK), eating dinner, then crawling into bed, asking GB if he’s like to come in and watch a movie for a while (not-so-OK). He won’t let me sleep, so in might be a win/win situation!


  2. Really great advice, Claudia. However, I’m so glad I’ll have our granddaughter for six weeks without having to worry about any of your good suggestions. I’ll be able to spoil her rotten and then send her back home to her mother in Texas. 🙂


  3. They grow up so fast these days hey !!! One minute you are holding a tiny baby, the next they have a boy or girlfriend ! 😀 and before you know it they are behind the wheel of your car !!! shock !!! horror !!!!


  4. You are SOOO right about a 4-year-old not being a baby! He is 4 going on 14! They will be living with us for a few months, then hopefully they won’t move more than an hour away. Still plenty of time to spoil them! And..as they get older, the spoiling changes…which is so much fun, too!


  5. I know! It’s such a reward to be able to do the things you wouldn’t let YOUR parents do, but being under constant supervision puts a “responsible” straightening to your rudder. Make sure you leave some “naughty” things for the two of you, too, though…

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  6. Solid advice for me. I’m a new grand mom (Birdy) and will one day have to keep all these tips in mind. Thank you. Enjoy those solo ice cream sandwich moments but savor the sliced apples with the grandbabies. ❤️


  7. A 4 year old is not a baby !!:D I have a 3 year old boy and a 5 year old girl, one son and he and his little family live a 10 minute walk from where we live and their school is in front of our house so I see my grands often, I also am their only babysit…..but I love to spoil them..when mum is not arround, then I ask her what they can eat and drink but most of the time I respect their way of raising kids albeit not the way we did it :D. How far do they live from where you live ? Enjoy !!!


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