Fashion Rule Number Two

CAM01211I didn’t think I’d be adding to my Fashion Advice Blog (my FAB blog…heh…) so soon. After all, I just packed two paper bags to give to Good Will.

But dressing this morning Lesson Two dawned on me:

Don’t let the crabbies dictate your outfit.

Now, being on a different shift than my other half, I’m often looking through my closet in the morning with the flashlight app on my smartphone. Yesterday I woke up crabby, and neglected — no, downright ignored — the outfit I had picked out the night before. I couldn’t fall asleep, I didn’t want to wake up. So why should I look fresh to the world?

Because of that frumpy choice I felt off-center all day. Even my bling of a necklace couldn’t push me left or right of the funk. By the end of the day, though, the temperature outside was near 60, the sun danced between the clouds, and I had a great time outside with my grandbaby.

Just think that I could have had that feeling all day long if I’d just dressed in what I had originally chosen.

We’re not big dresser-uppers at work; the younger generation does wear great outfits, but the middlers and post-middlers don’t often follow suit. Well, I want to follow suit. As I said in my earllier blog (Be a Fashion Plate — Not a Platter,, I don’t want to be that monochrome person (paraphrasing, of course…)

This morning I was again crabby. Not the I’ll-knock-your-socks-off-if-you-talk-to-me crabby, just a why-do-I-have-to-do-this-five-days-a-week crabby. The sun was rising over the trees out my back window; the promise of 60 degrees in the air. So I went back and picked out yesterday’s outfit: a blue top and flowered skirt, and a pair of blue sandals.

And I feel young again.

Now, I hear many of you say, “I’m not a skirt/dress person.” During the winter I’m not either. But there’s something in a flowy skirt blowing in the breeze that makes me feel fresh. Different. Lighter. As if my cares have fluttered away. Lightweight pants and flowy tops can do the same. Or colorful scarves.

Kinda like church on Sundays back in the old days.

So that will be Lesson Two. Pick out your outfit the night before (when you still have some fun left in you), and don’t be swayed by the grump you can sometimes be. Lighten Up. Take a Chance. If you can’t do the night-before-thing, take an extra three minutes and do it right in the morning. Don’t go searching with the flashlight app. You may pull out blue bottoms and a different blue top.

Think of the horror of mass boredom you might create.

8 thoughts on “Fashion Rule Number Two

  1. My retirement wardrobe consists of jeans and T-shirts. That makes it easy to decide that to wear. If I want to feel dressed up, I put on a new pair of jeans and a button down shirt. If I want to go formal, it is black jeans. Maybe I too would feel younger if I put on a skirt.


  2. I hear ya, gf. I agree that some patterns and colors are too too much. I’m not nature’s gift for sure. I guess I’m just thinking that clothes are more of an attitude, and when Im down on myself I hide in frumpy, dark clothes. Some pinks or turquoise or reds help perk up my spirit. Or bling. What about colorful bling?


  3. I must defend my black/blue/grey wardrobe! I have age AND size against me. Brights and patterns tend to exaggerate the size, not the age. If a piece of clothing doesn’t feel and look good on me, it doesn’t belong in my house. The quality and type of the fabric has a huge impact on the look of a garment, so I’m wary of of bargain purchases, there is a reason they are cheap!


  4. See? That’s good! I don’t have anything against blacks and blues — they are the basics of most wardrobes. But I am 62 and don’t want to dress like I’m 82…or wait…maybe I SHOULD dress like I’m 82! They wear flowers and hats and prints and look great in them!

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  5. Pick out clothes night the before and choose something cheerful … got it! I really need to go shopping. The orange t-shirt I’m wearing today is more cheerful than the navy blue yesterday, but it’s not much progress. πŸ™‚


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