Today has been one of those “squirrelly” kind of days. You know those kind — I’ve misplaced more things today than I have in the past week. I suppose it’s because I’m always in a hurry. Sagittarians never seem to finish their current project — they always find something more interesting to do, and leave things half-way done.

I decided the best therapy was to either come home from work, eat, and head straight for the bed, getting up only to let the dogs out; or to come to the library and use their WiFi to work on my blog’s photo gallery. I kidded my friends on Facebook that I’m always tired, achy, ready for bed (even at 10 in the morning), and yet  all I can think about is writing and researching and brainstorming with friends. They all told me it’s Writer’s Syndrome.

I wish I could say I was in the middle of my breakout novel — that I was working on an article for work or for my friend’s website. But it’s not. I’m kinda done with the novel thing for a while; I’ve thought about working on getting my Gaia and the Etruscans  published, but here in the middle/end of January that just seems like too much work. So I spend my time with ways to enhance my blog.

There is no doubt that that ambition leads to quite a bit of squirrelly-ness.

I come across dozens of articles a week that promise to help me build my reader base, get picked up by search engines, make money by blogging (or writing in general), enhance my blogsite…enough to fill Dumbledore’s Goblet of Fire. There are a million blogs out there; a million ways to build/entice/share/follow — so many that I’m dizzy talking about it. I follow about 30 blogs, and could easily follow 30 more, but with a full-time job I barely have time to read my own writing.

This past year hubby has gotten a new job that is from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. Bad for him — great for me. You would think. It is turning out that he doesn’t mind these hours, and I don’t have enough of them. Ah, you say — hours and hours of alone writing time! Peace and Quiet! Inspiration! Musing! Researching!

It’s a nice thought, but for someone like me who can’t sit still for 20 minutes, it’s a circus.

During the day I’m busy entering data, my Muse coming and bugging me now and then with new ideas. She is an Irish Wench, you know, and has no problem speaking her mind. And often times her ideas are great. But not when I’m entering HTML code. So we make a date to meet after hubby goes to work.

By that time I’ve been up 13 hours, let the dogs out three times, washed the dishes, thrown in a load of laundry, wiped the dust off the TV, and set up my writing corner on the sofa. By then my ambition has waned. My energy level slips minute by minute, and what seemed so exciting at 11 a.m. now seems like a mountain I’m too tired to climb. I manage to get a little work done so that pulling out my laptop isn’t for naught, but most times my mind is a blank.

Then about 9 p.m. I get my second wind.

Now, I have to get up in 8 hours, and old people like me are supposed to get at least 8-10 hours a sleep at night. But the great ideas of my Wench sneak back into my consciousness and I’m up writing and researching and downloading until 11:30 at night.

No wonder I’m so squirrelly.

I’m really trying to get into a schedule, a pattern, where I can do a little of everything and still get to bed at a decent time. But it doesn’t seem to be working. I escaped to the library this evening just so I wouldn’t have to let my dogs out three times and give them cookies and push the cat off my lap and look at the dishes I didn’t do or walk around the laundry I conveniently forgot to do.

Sometimes all I want to do is write.

But sometimes wantin’ ain’t gettin’.

How do YOU do it??

10 thoughts on “Squirrelly

  1. Catch as catch can, mostly. Except now that I’m blogging my sister-in-law’s health journey that seems more important than anything else, including the remodeling I’m suppose to be prepping for…like ridding downstairs of lots and lots of stuff before construction starts in March. I’ll end up cramming the closer it gets to the deadline. I also have an antique business which I need to return to. Thankfully I don’t own or manage the mall I’m in…I just rent space and fill it. There are paid sales people to move stuff out for us. And hubby’s now retired, so I’m trying to do stuff with him…like walking every day…which I’ve not been able to do regularly. Although he’s been pretty good about getting in his 10,000 steps. I think we women are a glutton for punishment…taking on more than our 2 hands, 2 feet, one brain and one body can possibly handle within 24 hours. And I’m with you…sleep? What sleep?
    Looks like I need to go blog about this on my site…oye vay!!! hugs…


  2. I read or hear a word or a phrase that speaks to me, then start writing from there. Most times the story takes over and tells itself. I’m just the instrument.


  3. My blog is important to me, but so are my stories. Maybe the problem is that I need to start something New. You can only edit and hash around old stuff for so long. Starting something from scratch is when new ideas and dialogue do their best.


  4. As Carrie said, the computer is great…..and it’s a drag. I turn off my wifi to write. That way, I’m not tempted to creep over and check something when I’m on a writing jag.


  5. “The first two hours are always the most important”—That’s very true, and I’m amazed how many words I can get written when I start out fresh. Plus, I feel so good for the rest of the day knowing I’ve already got a lot done.


  6. I do so agree! It’s like the social media is important, and I enjoy it, but I get lost in working on the blogsite and by the time I get to editing my novel I’ve got no oomph left! I think I should learn to alternate days. The first two hours are always the most important — after that, I slowly slide into zombie mode.


  7. I’m trying really hard to work on my novel before I open any social media. When I do, I get so much more done each day. But it’s hard to dive right into my WIP. It’s like I want to warm up with reading a few blog posts, tweets, etc. But I’ve found my writing productivity goes down the minute I open those accounts up, so I’m trying to be more disciplined about that.


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