Give It Up

I used to cringe at the word “retirement.” That was for OLD people. People who were too old to do anything else.  I was going to go the extra mile…I was going to work and make my way up the corporate ladder and, most of all, BE somebody.

Well, now that I realize I’ve ALWAYS been somebody, letting go of Corporate America is easier and easier. C.A. doesn’t listen to me much these days anyway, so why not explore other venues?

On vacation for a week, I’ve found some inspiration for writing..





Let’s go dreaming…

12 thoughts on “Give It Up

  1. Claudia- Retirement is wonderful. You are your own boss of your time. You can use it for yourself or for others. I agree with others who commented that they’ve never been so busy. Retirement gives you time to do things you enjoy, to discover new friends, new hobbies and to pursue old dreams.
    Your photos are very lovely. And now you can be SOMEBODY…you can be YOURSELF! 🙂


  2. I think that’s because it means so much more to us at this point in our lives…we have worked so long and hard and put up with so much, we deserve to be busy AND fulfilled. I’m with you!


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