Ohhh Oh…Working for a Living…

workingAh, the proverbial “working world.” It’s so much more than ten letters. It’s heaven, it’s hell. It’s boring, it’s busy. We love it, we hate it. But for better or worse, it’s a means to an end — our end being a place to live, food for our table, and dog cookies for our  pets.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with most of my jobs through the years. I’m sure most of you have, too. Sometimes we make a difference — in our little way we help the company run smoother and more efficiently, and maybe help them make more money. But all that do-goodery often entails endless multi-tasking, long hours, and missed soccer games. Part of the American dream, I suppose. But we persevere and keep on working.

What today’s blog is about is, if you HAD to work and could do anything you’d like, what would you do? I suppose you could go whole hog and say be an astronaut and walk on the moon or swim with the dolphins, but it’s much more fun if you could be a little more — down-to-earth. More like the almost-dreams. The shoulda-turned-right dreams. Not actually regrets — more like — my next-life plans.

Like, for me. I’d love to be a full-time, money-making book writer. At home. With a housekeeper so I wouldn’t have to break my concentration folding laundry. My stories would be spicy, funny, adventurous, with wonderful twists. You’d love them.

Another great job I’ll never have would be a graphic artist, especially for a pop publication or upscale eatery. Great creativity, open minds, exacting details. Creativity out the gazoo.  If I were a graphic artist I’m sure I’d have the finesse to impress.

Of course, my favorite jobs aren’t always practical ones. I’m sure they, too, have down sides. But since I’m pretending, I’m stretching the parameters a little. Isn’t that what pretending’s all about?

So tell me, my friends — what would your ideal job be? If you have it, what is it?

And if it’s a great, fun job, do you need an assistant?


5 thoughts on “Ohhh Oh…Working for a Living…

  1. Oh, to dream again. To be eighteen again and choosing a career. My ideal job would be to work in IT so that I could finally understand and keep up with all the technology changes. Or to have a job which would allow me to travel around the world – perhaps making documentaries or being a travel writer or having my radio show where i interview the most interesting people or…I can go on and on…there is so much to see and do on our lovely planet. 🙂


  2. Love your thoughts, Cal. I already know your retirement will not be a boring one. What makes our dreams harder to bring to fruition is money and health. Especially when you’re closing in on retirement. Not always a lot of extra cash to go to school or to travel. But I know there’s a way to get pretty darn close. Let’s explore!


  3. Claudia,
    1st of all, I am a friend of Cal Roeker (otherwise nefariously known as “Kevin”)! Have somewhat attained my Ideal Job in that I am asked to Judge at Dog Shows, both in this country and abroad. I absolutely love this, although it took a Lifetime of work with dogs to get here. If I could add to this, it would be to be a Reviewer of Travel (go to different places and comment on food, interesting sites, lodging, etc.) This position must exist, but have no idea on how to procure it.

    Glad to contribute,
    Robt. Burns


  4. When I was a little boy, I told everyone I wanted to be a mountain climber. I have no idea why. Next I became entranced by “Mr. Wizard” on TV and wanted to go around doing Science experiments. Never, that I can recall, did I say that I wanted to be a salesman. Yet that is what I am currently doing. One would think that the answer to the question of an ideal job would be easier to answer now at age 60 than it was when I was ten. Funny how life experiences make us cynical. Rather than thinking about an ideal job I tend to think more and more about retirement. The problem is, my next thought tends to be: Then what??

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