Oh Euglena … Come Out and Play …

euglena2The other day I blogged about the light-bulbs-growing-on-grass-thing. Inspiration, getting the growth going and all. Then I had the day from Hades — personal flubs, everything from losing my debit card to a momentary lapse of memory to indigestion. I wondered how I would ever live up to the growing thing. The writing thing. The inspiration thing.

Then I found my little notebook that had the plot line of my second novel scribbled in multi colors.  It’s like someone really did turn the light bulbs on the grass on. A plot! A direction! Ideas! I remember looking fondly, wistfully, at the little 3 x 5 thing, not really interested in my character’s continued adventures in Tinaria.  But now — here it was. Waving. Calling. Teasing.

What made this adventure even sweeter, though, was that I overcame my “do not share” mentality and actually asked for advice for my story. I was stuck on a premise I started in my first novel, and had no idea how to manifest an explanation in the second. So I talked to my good friend Cal The Science Guy about colors and blood and time travel. I actually told him about my story idea and asked for a feasible way around my blockage. I was able to get an educated — and fun — opinion about my work and my ideas.

The point of this evening’s conversation is that I learned to share my work. Not hide it. I always wanted to make sure my writing was perfect before I shared it with anyone.  Like, if I didn’t tell them about it ahead of time they would like it better. All the grammar hadt o be perfect; the conversations, the encounters, all had to be smoothly  orchestrated. If I was stuck, so what. I just changed ideas. All because I wanted to “surprise” my reader.

You would think at my age I would know better. The best kept secrets are nothing but secrets. Who cares about the stories you’re not telling anyone? Publication is a a fleeting thought; a dream, possible in some spheres of reality, impossible in others. Winning first place in an art show or  graphic competition just as nebulous. What matters is NOT keeping these things a secret. No matter if you are a painter, a jewelry maker, or a writer. If you are stuck, ask someone. It’s not like they’re going to take your idea, or laugh at your idea, or tell everyone your idea.

We all get stuck in life. Some landmines can’t be helped. It’s life. But not sharing your stories, your poems, your creativity because you are afraid someone might not like it? Pfffttt….what does that matter? Did you like making that necklace? Did you enjoy stenciling that room? That’s what it’s all about. Need a little boost, a little clarification? Don’t be afraid to share your creation with someone. Everyone needs help now and then. I mean, even Van Gogh painted side by side with Gauguin.

OK, Cal…about this alien/time travel/gladiator  thing….

5 thoughts on “Oh Euglena … Come Out and Play …

  1. Always willing to help. I love Science and I love good Science Fiction. I’m ready; bring on the alien gladiators.


  2. Good for you for sharing your work and asking for advice, Claudia. I like the tone of your post. It really sounds like you’re breaking free and going forward with both creativity and inspiration.

    Yes, I let people read my finished work before publishing. I have readers lined up for proofreading. One person had trouble with the beginning of one of my books, so I completely rewrote the first six chapters. It was worth it.


  3. I know all too well. When you finish a piece, do you let someone else read it? Once i gave my mother in law one of my novels and she really liked it, except she said it wrapped up too fast. Which, in truth, it did. But it took a lot of work just to get to the point of letting her read it.


  4. This is one of my problems still–I don’t like to talk about what I’m working on until after it’s done. I’m currently in the querying phase for my most recent novel, and I’ve still told very few people its premise. Now I’m starting a new one, and mum’s the word with that one, too. I suppose I worry that if I vocalize it, my fears of it being uninteresting will be confirmed. Ah, self doubt. It’s a wondrous thing… (Then again, I’ve read that introverts don’t like discussing their work or showing anyone the project until its completely finished, so that may be the real crux of my problem!)


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