Winter Crabs

Im-CrabbyI have a question for all of you, young and old, hot and cold, here, there, and everywhere.

But first, my turn.

I often think the older I get the crabbier I get. I find I have less tolerance, less worldliness, than I did years ago.  This lioness of emotions seems to rear its head during the cold, dark, snowy days of winter.

Does anyone out there find themselves turning into sulking, bulking creatures this time of the year?

I feel bad about this. I really do. I have a job that I can tolerate for another 7 or 8 years, great co-workers, and a short commute to and from work. I have a family that’s fun and loving, I’ve got great friends that ride the roller coaster of life with me all the time, and right now I have a chocolate chip cookie and glass of milk to keep me happy. I’m cancer free (as far as I know), I walked away from a rollover, and my sick cat has turned the corner and is getting better.

Yet still I walk outside and hate the weather, hate the freeze and the snow and the gray. And I find myself saying the “hate” work more often than not. I personally believe hate is a strong word and should be reserved for truly evil people and things, but it seems to slip out on a frequent basis these days. I have little energy to do the things I love, and have insomnia to the max. I feel fat and dumpy and don’t want to deal with either.

This isn’t me — is it?

I am a lover of life, lover of friends and chocolate and watching movies with my grandbaby.  Yet a lot of the time I feel I’m wandering aimlessly through the cold, not caring if I’m entertained or not. What a contrast of emotions. Which, in turn, messes me up even more.

I really think the older I get the more the weather affects me. I don’t remember feeling this cranky when I was younger. Maybe I was, yet I was too busy with kids and soccer games to pay attention to it. I mean well — I am still nice to people, and I do find my way to the computer now and then.  I know this mindset isn’t set in stone, but I do feel it’s stuck in a snowbank somewhere.

So let me know — are you affected by the depths of winter? Are you a Dr. Jeckyll waiting to turn into a Mr. Hyde? Or are you a fluffy snowflake having a wonderful time turning into a diamond?

I’d love to hear your side of the weather. And, if not, you can always growl…

10 thoughts on “Winter Crabs

  1. you know it’s more of a depression with me. I tend to think negative thoughts. Dwell on old hurts. I aimlessly scan through channel after channel on the old remote hoping to find something to get excited about – no dice. Even though I know that spring will come like it always does, it seems that as each year passes, I become less hopeful around this time of year. An old Simon and Garfunkel song had the line “like a rat in a maze my path before me lies — never altered never changing until the rat dies”. Okay, I better stop, this is getting pathetic.


  2. I so agree, Andra. Writing my blog keeps me upbeat and hopefully I keep others smiling and upbeat too. I try to keep my grumbling to myself, usually at night when I crash on the sofa in front of the TV.


  3. I’m so glad you sound like me. I’m one of the nicest people people know..ha…but there’s something about ice scars and snow banks as high as buildings that makes me want to bah humbug till spring.


  4. I definitely respond to the weather now more than I used to. Not so much summer months; I’m pretty content with whatever comes my way then. But it’s the cold grayness of winter that chaps my arse. I used to not notice it so much–or at least I didn’t realize it if I did–but now I find it harder and harder to make it to April. Maybe that’s why so many older people head to warmer climates. Perhaps that will be me some day. 🙂


  5. Claudia, the whole reason I started blogging was to stop saying the H word. It is a strong word, a powerful negative force, and I said it WAAAAAAAY too much.

    I almost never say it now, and I really can tell it’s had a positive impact on my attitude.


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