Sneaky Little Spammies

trash can, opened, top at sideAs I prepare for my next blog, I keep getting informational e-mails that someone has commented on my blog, which excites me, until I find out it’s some totally different subject they’re talking about to some totally different person. And I realize…yep. The Sneaker Spammer has snuck through my door.

I am way over trusting when it comes to things in this world — you tell me the sky is blue, I believe the sky is blue. You tell me you saw an alien spaceship land in your back yard, I believe an alien spaceship landed in your yard. I also believed my spammy guard was smart enough to cut out things other than Chinese or Arabic.

Guess not.

So I have dropped to the moronic level of Spammies everywhere, and will begin moderating the comments. I love free speech and all, but I love privacy, too.

New blog coming soon — feel free to comment on it — and I’ll be sure to let you through!

4 thoughts on “Sneaky Little Spammies

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I get a lot of spam style comments but I use Akismet which filters out most of the comments. I have also turned off comments on certain pages as well as older posts.


  2. I get a lot of spams. Thankfully, AKISMET holds them for me to peruse…and dump. Peruse meaning, I scroll down to “empty spam,” all the while watching a blur of words speeding by on the way to…trash. Totally annoying when others try to latch on and promote themselves.


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