Got Milk?

200177370-001Are you a multi-tasker? Does it work?

Tonight is Thursday. Working a half day tomorrow then taking off with my daughter-in-law and grandbaby and heading to the cabin for probably the last time this year. I really need a month away, but I will take two days.

Again I have left every task to the final hour. I always do. I wanted to write my blog before I take off, yet I didn’t give it the respect of time and thought it deserves. I have others blogs I want  to read; I peek and go ooohhhhh and get all excited and keep on moving, promising to come back and read soon.

I’m currently watching Sons of Anarchy, typing, waiting for my last load of laundry to finish so I can finish packing. I hate half of my wardrobe, so picking out comfies for the weekend is more a chore than fun. Even when I get up nort’ I won’t relax. How can you with a  3-year-old? I will bring my laptop, but it will most likely never leave its case and tote.

Is your life like this too? Or are you bored out of your mind?

So tell me. Do you schedule “you” time?  Does it work? Do you feel guilty if you take away family time or work time or sleep time?

Let’s share. Multi-task if you must. You can  answer me while you watch TV and  write and clean up your computer files and switch the laundry and talk to your significant other and pet your dog while you drink your glass of chocolate milk you poured an hour ago.

You get my drift…

5 thoughts on “Got Milk?

  1. I normally eat breakfast standing at the kitchen island. While I’m downing spoonfuls of oatmeal I’m emptying the dishwasher, reading an article or two in the Wall Street Journal, preparing food for the kitties. And then if I sit down to view my blog and read other blogs…my oatmeal may sit for an hour or so. The upside is…blogging IS “me” time. 🙂


  2. I like your idea! I’ve been getting up earlier too, although it’s because my husband is getting up earlier for work. I am a vegetable for the first 20 minutes, but then lately I have been heading towards the computer.


  3. I get “me” time by making it the first on my list of priorities for each day. I get up early enough to get a solid hour, at least, before anything else can impinge on my time (including the need to walk the dog). I almost always spend it writing (and sometimes perusing other people’s blogs!).


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